What brought you to Dozens?


There’s a few of us here now, so I was interested on what about Dozens attracts you the most. Time for a poll!

  • 5% bond
  • The yellow card and branding
  • App mock up / budgeting features
  • Dissatisfied with existing banks
  • Looking for a prepaid/spending account
  • I just love fin(tech)
  • £10 sign up bung!
  • Something else (explain below!)

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Go! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Shame could not vote for multiple choices as I am very interested in getting something that shows how well my budgeting is going. I use Moneydashboard but that has not yet got to the stage I imagined it might when I signed up. It is helpful in pulling everything into one place though. R-


Seems fairly unanimous.


Love it!

Seems we got that right then :slight_smile:


:Monzo: obvs :wink:


This is still rather one-sided - and not too surprising.

Shame there wasn’t the option for “to hang out with @robert:stuck_out_tongue:


You said the forum was for constructive feedback, not obvious feedback :wink:


Yeah, given that “most” people on the forum have probably come from another fintech of some sort, the chances are they already have access to snazzy budgeting apps and investment options (Freetrade for example).

As of right now, the only thing that jumps out to me is the 5% return - No one else is doing that, but lots of others are doing the other things :smiley:

I can see you converting people from the 5% bond to a #fullDozens customer if the app and processes are slick.

Please never let #fullDozens catch on… :joy:


If Crowdfunding ever happens I think investors should be referred to an ‘Bakers’ though.


£10 sign up bung? Didn’t see that!


Shares should only be available by the dozen…

Feel like there’s a missed opportunity for a £12 sign-up bung here too :joy: