We’re crowdfunding!


There is now additional information / videos on the box link
Box Link


Now live for everyone to see and contribute. Featured on Seedrs homepage as well as the popular/trending section


Hi @robert,

Not sure if someone needs to speak to seedrs about the copy being used to promote the dozens crowdfunding on Facebook as gives the wrong idea of what the company is about…


Good spot!




on it right away! thanks so much for the spot!!


Ad has been pulled - all Seedrs ad copy being reviewed now. Thank you @afreeb :blush::pray:t3:


Pledged. Just awaiting ID verification. Excited to be part of the Dozens journey!


Bear in mind, if you happen send @afreeb a couple of million as a thank you, I’d like 1% as commission for being first to respond (or you can send the millions to me and I will … pass them on… personally… - cough - )


Backed! :smiley: