We’re crowdfunding!


If anybody wants to change investment to anonymous simply message on website and they alter

Responded in 15 mins


Invested, but not using dozens card as it’s yet to arrive, but things are looking good so far!


Impressive numbers so far! I’ve invested myself :+1:


How do you invest? Do you need to have pre-registered. Can’t seem to find Dozens on Seedr



I think that was because it is for those that “signed-up” so a way of protecting those who said they were interested!


@nik Preregistered is today, everyone else can see it tomorrow. 75% raised already!


I think these were the first few investors - and appears to be ranked in order of who invested the most - but yes very big drops!


Pretty sure that £2.5m is the VC money included on Seedrs to give the campaign a boost.

£2.5m of this round has already been raised from existing shareholders, including STIFG.

So in reality dozens appears to be seeking £1m from the crowd.


Awesome, this worked :smiley:


Glad to see me investment is still too at 1.5m lol :joy:

Anyway now have this in my seeders account


@robert @AC is their any official documentation to compliment the campaign (e.g. Pitch deck, etc)? Requested access around an hour ago & wondering how long it will take to release…


I invested less than a million :wink: Not just about future potential returns for me, but supporting a bank (in a small way) that I believe has better ethics than any other I know (that provides the a complete banking and online experience).


I’ve just had a quick browse on Seedrs. I’m not familiar with their platform, but I can’t see a pitch deck or supporting info.

For those who invested, was it just on what’s on the crowdfunding page or are there additional documents?


There will be - as the page says: "Prior to our investor memo going live on Monday "

Although the Seedrs page is live for some investors, this is only for those who already have all the information they need to take the decision to invest. The actual public launch is Monday, when the full information will be available, so if you have questions, we encourage you to wait until then.


I find this option of not making all the information available today hard to understand.
I don’t think this is the way to go. I don’t like this move.
I shall wait for the documentation


Was the loan information given via the forums previously? Not sure if I missed it or it just wasn’t disclosed yet.


Convertible loan was briefly mentioned (without figures) by AC in the Seedrs Q&A on Monday as a dilutive factor.

Not something that’s been hidden by any means and is clear to see on the campaign page.


thanks figured I’d missed it somewhere.


Just sent my contribution, not yet a dozens customer but I was able to access the campaign page as a pre-reg keying in the /dozens link :face_with_monocle: