We’re crowdfunding!


I’ve received a confirmation email from seeders


Can you change your investment to anonymous?


Ah yep, got it now - I was clicking on “Portfolio” and couldn’t see it!


Not sure after you’ve done it.

There was an option on the main buying screen (I’ve never used Seedrs before today).


Ok cheers

Interesting about the loan

Anybody know the share price?


And, breathe…

Congratulations, you’ve invested in dozens!

Seedrs even let me use my dozens card for this :wink:


£1,000,000 to go!


I did the same. Got to say, that site is pretty awkward.


Yes, and it’s blown today’s budget somewhat!


Yeah definitely a little finicky - was panicking as I hadn’t done any of the pre-authorisation stuff so was trying to jam through that.

Monzo did sort of create the gold standard for crowdfunding with their app integration - not the worst from Seedrs but definitely a little awkward as you say.


Some pretty massive investments coming in! :open_mouth:


Yeah very impressive


Not being able to see the actual page anywhere obvious (without the email link) was frustrating.


Done :slight_smile: invested only a small amount but it’s what I could afford. I have faith in dozens and the product looks great.


Think the second one must be the Queen…


“Where do you live please?”

The Queen…

"The UK… The whole of it :wink: "


I’m confused, I have Dozens listed as an open investment… How do I close it or does it happen automatically


It closes when crowdfunding has finished.


It closes once the campaign closes.


Anybody managed to find/ work out share price?


Done my investment using the Dozens card too :joy:

Invested slightly more than in Monzo too but that was cos of entering at 3rd round and had a share price, and on both only added what I could actually afford :wink: