We’re crowdfunding!


Yeah but you wouldn’t just be investing for the shareholder card would ya, but a chance to get a share in the company’s potential future success as well.


I agree with MRMR, investment shouldn’t be just for the card. A nice bonus though.

A question for Dozens team. If we start with a low investment to get our place, can we increase later?


Obviously the benefit is to hopefully recoup your investment at a later date when the company is much bigger and profitable. The card is a nice benefit, and I thought there might be others out there who wanted to know the minimum investment amount.


You can on Seedrs. Keep investing till you’re happy.

Different to Crowdcube, Seedrs round your investment to the nearest share price and charge you immediately.


What is the share price? I know the minimum investment but what’s the price of the shares?


Don’t think we will know until it goes live at 11am


(for pre-reg)


Soooo how do I invest :eyes:

Edit: wahoo email received!

Already at 72%! Big investor pilled in?


I don’t see it up on Seedrs yet?


Now I’ve just done mine


Seedrs just emailed me a link to it.

I couldn’t find it manually on their site


I’m all invested!


Link to invest :point_down:


Ahh just refreshed email. Awesome. Invested :slight_smile:


2.5 million is from just two investors…


Done :+1:
That was a bit too easy!


Done, and crikey


Wahoo - all done - cant wait to see how this all goes!


I think I did it? Nothing showing up in emails or on Seedrs - is that normal? Money has come out of my account though…


Yeah, click your profile in the top right, and then click “investment account” at the top.

Dozens will be an “open investment” there :smiley: