We’re crowdfunding!


All those details will be covered in due course on the seedrs platform.

Right now we are letting everyone know as we are in the pre-registration period to see generally what interest there is.


Awesome, thank you!


Hi @robert!

So if we’ve signed up to receive more info on the link above, then will we be notified a certain amount of time before the crowdfunding goes live?


I believe so. If you sign up to let them know of your interest, then the communication will be managed by seedrs to keep you up to date and provide you with all the information you need.

We may mention any important deadlines and relevant information here too :wink:

Thanks so much for signing and up and expressing interest


I’m interesting in the crowdfunding, as Dozens has a good aim. I was a little late to invest in Monzo so hopefully I can get in early with Dozens :sweat_smile:.


It is always good to invest in projects you believe in. I think that Project Imagine has the potential to have an impact in the banking sector. It will definately keep Monzo et al on their toes :smirk::wink:

I have not been able to activate my card yet as I am away with work for a month, but I like what I have seen so far!

I am signed up to receive the info from seedrs and am excited to read the prospectus. Keep up the good work @robert and team :sunglasses:


:ok_hand:This is great news, just registered my interest in the funding round. I’m lucky enough to be a three time investor in Monzo and look forward to putting some money into :dozens: Dozens too!

The fact that you are willing to overfund is great too, the more people that have the chance to invest, the better!


Excited for this to be fully announced - just put my name down!


I am quite far back in the queue for a card. However I have registered my interest at Seedrs to invest in Dozens. I noticed that investors would be issued special cards. Will we receive the normal card first and then apply for the Investor card? If so, will the existing card continue to work until we activate the new card? The reason I ask is because I am out of the UK quite a lot for work reasons and so cannot always activate new cards straight away.


I’d hope investor cards would just be issued when people request new cards to replace their old ones, but it’s a valid question.


I wonder whether the investor card could be metal, now that would be lush. Not to say the prospectus isn’t already attractive.


I think there is a picture of the investor card somewhere. Not metal as far as I could see, which I’m not fussed about personally. It was mainly black with the dozens logo in the corner.


Had one of those metal cards from another provider. Wouldn’t recommend going in that direction. Once the novelty wear off, is quite a pain. Probably great as a universal tool that makes an ok(ish) debit card (plus look at the awful T&Cs that go with them at a couple of the ‘challenger’ banks)


Have invested in various FinTechs and am on the board of one of them.

Considering investing in Dozens as it is more differentiated from other challenger banks by positioning itself as a “savings ally”, but the challenger bank space is increasingly crowded with Monzo having major brand recognition and now also N26 entering the market.

Therefore, it’d be good to road test the app before one considers investing yet at the last count nearl 5,000 people are ahead of me in the queue.

Will people have the ability to test the app before the crowdfunding campaign starts?


I wouldn’t imagine so.

AC mentioned Crowdfunding should start this week.

As a side note if anyone is new to Seedrs make sure you sign up with a referral link. You’ll get £25 free to invest, as will the referee (if you invest £150). If you don’t know anyone with an account drop me a pm and I’ll share mine.


Should be next week or the week after eventually.

With 100 to 200 new users being onboarding every day, that would be an additional 3000 (?) lucky beta testers before the campaign launch. AC mentioned that Dozens is aiming to reduce the waiting time from the moment one joins the queue to card delivery to 2 weeks


Emails have already gone out from Seedrs saying that crowdfunding is starting tomorrow at 11am.

Does anybody know the minimum investment amount to get the ‘shareholder’ card??


£20 only :blush:


Thanks :slight_smile: .


I would suggest investing what you are willing to lose/can afford. £20 for a black card seems a little steep to me! :sunglasses: