We’re crowdfunding!

Pledged. Just awaiting ID verification. Excited to be part of the Dozens journey!


Bear in mind, if you happen send @afreeb a couple of million as a thank you, I’d like 1% as commission for being first to respond (or you can send the millions to me and I will … pass them on… personally… - cough - )


Backed! :smiley:


Hi @AC @robert as you’re probably aware Nutmeg will be crowdfunding soon. Lastest post-money valuation of £245m earlier this year.

Despite being the leading Roboadvisor (Online Wealth Manager) having 65,000 customers and £1.5bn AUM, Nutmeg still operates at a loss, with an average customer balance of £23,000.

What makes dozens different from the prospects of Nutmeg in terms of strategic route to profitability? I guess much depends on much lower CACs but how realistic is it for dozens to acquire customers with similarly high balances at much lower costs than the leader in the space?


Huge congratulations to everybody at Dozens for smashing the funding target! Hopefully, the start of a long and successful future!

Also, thank you for allowing overfunding on the campaign. I had to, unfortunately, cancel my original investment I made a few weeks ago. Therefore, by allowing overfunding, I’ve still being able to get involved and contribute a little bit more than I could before. I really think the next couple of years will be very exciting indeed, and very glad to be here to be a part of it as both an early customer, and now a crowdfunding investor.

Thank you to all the team for giving us this opportunity to contribute in anyway we can no matter how big or small into what should hopefully be a long and successful future for Dozens.

I’ve been impressed by the long term vision for Dozens and excited to see how that evolves. The app is probably the best I’ve ever seen from a financial service, and I’d definitely use it as a main banking account in the future.

Finally, I’ve realised that I’d actually done my investment as anonymous. Are the Seedrs account details made available privately to Dozens anyway? My Seedrs account email and the email I use for Dozens are the same anyway, so can they still be matched up for the investor perks?

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It’s only anonymous to the public on seedrs. Dozens will be informed of every shareholder it is FCA regulated, so there is no such thing as anonymous in an FCA regulated business.

Taken from Seedrs

You can choose to make an investment anonymously by ticking the relevant box when making the investment. Each business seeking investment will be informed of the identity of each of their investors before the investment is completed and investors names may be recorded in public filings with Companies House or elsewhere as required by law.

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Great! :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying.

In case you missed this announcement a couple of days ago, there may be a change to the date for the end of the fundraising while we wait for the information on EIS.

We think that this is important information for many potential investors and therefore something worth taking into account and giving a few more days to resolve.

Due to the advanced assurance on EIS still being pending from HMRC, the campaign closure date (currently scheduled for 5th April) is still not finalised. We are willing to wait for a few days to try and ensure that the assurance is received and communicated to our investors but given that it will apply retrospectively to all investors in any case we will not keep the campaign open for longer than 30th April. As we have also pushed back the issuance of bonds, the earmarked £275,000 – £550,000 of bonds with priority access for Seedrs investors will still be issued as promised, but after the campaign closes.


Hi - sorry missed this so far.

Nutmeg has struggled with growth, they have been around for years and years, and have had some 70-80k customers so far I believe. We have 5k in ten weeks.

So per our business case, the payments card and current account part of the business should lead us to much higher growth at lower cac’s than Nutmeg.

Nutmeg also do their own portfolio management whereas we are only doing ETFs for the most part to keep Ops and therefore costs lower.

For even higher reach, our platform costs for lower amounts are much simpler in structure and lower too.

So I’d say we are a very different business (as our early stats are starting to show already).


I thought I would let you know that an email will be going out to all those who expressed interest, or who have already joined-in the crowdfunding, that the campaign is closing IMMINENTLY.

As we suggested above, we’re closing the applications on the 30th of April (at the end of the working day, around 6pm).

Your support has been amazing and we want to make sure we now get on with the job, and start arranging those shareholder cards and events for those who took part.

Any last-minute investment questions should still be raised on the Seedrs page for the time being!


Do you have any news on EIS ??

I did get a scare when I received that email from Seedrs with a subject of ‘dozens is closing soon’. Had a little heart-jump, but no, it JUST meant ‘dozens crowd funding is closing soon’…


There’s no update since @AC’s last message on this subject:

No update on EIS yet guys - while we are very hopeful of receiving it soon, the campaign does not presume EIS status, so your investments should not be based on it either.

We are closing the institutional funding next week and once done, will take a call on whether to wait for EIS based on latest info from our accountants and HMRC. If it genuinely looks very close, we may wait or we will close on 30 April and use EIS next time. Of course even if we receive EIS status post closure, it will apply to all investors retrospectively.

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Would suggest to post an update on Seedrs to announce the imminent closing. Also you could add a “closing soon” tag on the campaign pictures so the entire Seedrs community will know about it and not only those who have already invested


“legal due diligence” as opposed to that pesky illegal due diligence :joy:


Any updates on when the investor debit cards get sent?

I think the latest is here

No definite timeline

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Just got an email that my shareholder card is on the way. :raised_hands:
Great to see we can definitely use both with the account as well.


Well spotted! You can read more here:

Sadly - not yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: R-