Verification Issue for new customers


I’m in the same boat. The verification looked as if it was doing something, then fell over. Now stuck awaiting manual verification by the looks of it.


Hi @dave (and sorry @actanonverba for not replying earlier) …

As I’ve posted elsewhere

The application process is complex and there are many reasons that something could go wrong or need to be checked. Since we don’t meet face to face, we need to take particular care, so there will be a reasonable number of cases where some manual checking is required. In most cases it is very straightforward, but in others we may need to get some additional information from users, so it is impossible to say why any individual application might need to be checked.

None of these are related to the issue above which was a temporary issue and was resolved within a couple of days, so I will close this topic only to avoid confusion.

With regard to the place in the queue, the app will reflect the date and time you complete the whole process (otherwise we would be moving people backwards and forwards in a queue based on who might have been in review longer than others). However, codes are sent in large batches covering groups of users so that no-one should be unduly affected.

Our current programme involves sending thousands of codes out to users in the queue and we hope that from a point very soon, few will have to wait more than a week or two to get into the app. It also means that a few days extra for the KYC process will not delay this.

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