Using Dozens Abroad


What will fees etc be like for using Dozens abroad (similar to other challenger banks).
I am travelling to vietnam and thailand on Feb 21st so if i have my card by then I will try using it out there.


Good question. Seville for me next month. R-


There will be No fee for making a payment in a foreign currency

We do not charge an additional fee on cross-border currency conversion but please note:

  • if you choose to make the payment in the foreign currency, the Mastercard exchange rates in force from time to time will apply;
  • if you choose to make the payment in GBP, the merchant will apply their own exchange rate and may apply their own fees

… so we encourage you to ensure you choose the best option for you at that time.

If you need to check the applicable rates before committing, you can go to this page at any time (and even test the conversion)


Any fees from Dozens for ATM withdrawals outside UK? R-


or limits to withdrawals?


Appreciate it’s always best to check, but in my experience, this rate (the merchants conversion rate known as DCC) is ALWAYS quite a bit more expensive.

I’d always opt to pay in local currency. :grinning:


none that are charged by dozens at this time, but you will need to check with the ATM/bank in question in case it charges you

same limits as when you are in the UK, there will be a £250 daily limit


Thanks, sorry if some of this is already explained in the app, i’m currently in a queue to get my account.
Do you know what the current wait time is?
It might be nice to have an estimated wait on the app, it says i’m 2970 and 6 people are behind me but i have no time frame to put to these numbers.


We can’t be sure about timeframes, so don’t want to make promises.

We are able to allow limited users to test different parts of the app, but as we fix issues it takes time to find > fix > release so it can be slower that we’d all like

However, the process is underway and hopefully you will get your own access code soon :slight_smile:


No problem. Understand, guessing when fully working wait times won’t really exist.
Just eager :slight_smile: