@TryFlux integration


So on Starling and Monzo you can integrate with Flux, which can allow you to have paperless receipts (with some stores!)

I think partnering and then integrating this into Dozens would be a great idea as it would help customers see how they spend their money, to the item. This could help them cut down on spending!

Naturally all of this assumes that Flux becomes more widespread, but I believe it will be as Starling and Monzo have integrated while Barclays is also forming a partnership with them. Mixed into this KFC also supports Flux, so I can see others following!

Here is the link to Flux


I use my Monzo card in KFC instead of dozens specifically for this reason. I like to see the breakdown of exactly what I spent the money on.


Great idea and I think if Flux gains more traction with retailers, an integration will become necessary purely just for feature parity alone with the other neobanks.

I’m a Monzo user and for now, given the retailers are limited, Flux isn’t a big deal to me but it could be as it grows.


I think it needs wide adoption by both banks and retailers, to be honest. Not just one or the other!