Travel card instead of credit card?

I know AC is against high-interest credit products for dozens.

I personally think dozens should never offer credit cards, overdrafts, high-interest loans etc. If nothing else, it would be a big differentiator and a good way to build faith with customers.

However, there are some benefits to a credit card that dozens users would miss out on.

bunq now issues a travel card to bridge the gap a bit…

Would something like this work for dozens?

I’ve read those pages a few times, and I’m still a little at a loss as to what a Travel Card is.

The idea is interesting, but I don’t really see what it is offering that a debit card does not?

I assume this is the relevant bit:

“With it, you get the overall usability of a credit card without the risk that comes along with credit.”

Except that for the deposits you still have to have a balance.

Happy to learn more about this though

Just for the record, your Dozens card has no fees for using it abroad, so you already get a lot of benefits

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If you’ve read it a few times I must have read it a… dozen (hehe) times, and as far as I can see the only benefit is that it has the word credit on the front and will be seen as a credit card by terminals, meaning that you won’t get “computer says no” when you present it to hotels and car rental places, and presumably anything else where you need to pre-auth a sum. It’s purely a visual thing as far as I can see, just stops an overzealous employee at a reception desk saying “Sorry, it has to be a credit card”, which although pretty limited case use, could be very useful for those without credit cards


I think this is a big problem for any debit-only provider.

Curve, for example, just can’t handle preauthorisation.

Actually, the interesting bit I can’t work out from bunq’s announcement is whether it will attract credit card protection as well.

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What I’d be interested to know is whether they’re allowed to charge 0.3% interchange on it…