Timeframe on the queue


Great looking product - I found it through the finimize daily.

I’ve just downloaded the app and completed the application procedure and wondering if any one can advise how long I should expect the queue process to take: there are 1,490 people ahead of me!

Days? Weeks?


hello and welcome @Beau

I don’t think it should take you too long to get your code. We send them in batches and some of these have already had theirs and we’re waiting for them to activate them. In other words it is more likely to be days than weeks.

What did you think of the Finimize daily content?

Thanks Robert - that’s great to know.

I thought your Finimize content was excellent. Sometimes the dailies don’t flow overly well but yours was well structured and well written.

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I’ve been in the queue for over 2 months now is there a reason why?

Hey @l3thal1221, it might be an issue for our customer service team, could you please contact them on help@dozens.com? They can help you resolve this! Thanks!

dont worry found code in spam

Aha! Yes, a few people have had that issue. Glad you found it :slight_smile: