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@Robert, any chance of a :dozens: and/or :pi: emoji on here? A bit like that there’s :Monzo: on the Monzo Community that brings up their logo?

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yes, on the list of customisations

might play with it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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(Also, :mango_heart: and :dozens_card: and… just ban me now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Alternatively distract me with app access!!)

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Thanks for the reminders

Just for fun now you can speak about :pi: , :dozens: or spending on your :dozens_card:

for future reference you can add these by using:

:pi: :pi:
:dozens: :dozens:
:dozens_card: :dozens_card:


Like it/them.

Forgive my ignorance - in what circumstances would :pi: be used?


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Project Imagine is the parent company of dozens and at this stage :dozens: is the only project that has been launched, but you may wish to speak to :pi: about ideas, job applications, etc :wink:

It was actually a request from a member of the community here who must have done their homework on us, but I think we should definitely keep things more colourful at this stage :dozens_card:


Ah, of course. Very clever. R-


Can you turn on the dismiss all new threads please as I can not locate it?


Agree with that. R-