The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

What I find baffling is there are still people (or maybe just one person) who bid in the region £10k to £20k on £100k issuances. Presumably they’re not aware of the historical data.


I’ve thought the same, maybe it is worth including a link to the historical data in the bid rejection email?

When you attempt to bid for a bond via an ISA there really should be more clarity about which tax year the purchase would relate to. Because I’ve checked via support, I know the relevant date is the date the bonds are issued. But given the lack of information in the app I don’t think it would be unreasonable for people to make an assumption that the bid date is the relevant date


Will there be any bidding in May?

Haven’t seen anything in the app or community about next issuance.

Yes, there will. This is an odd month as the first fell on a weekend and there’s a back holiday Monday as well.

Bidding will start tomorrow and run until the 24th

I’ll update the stats for the past issuance tomorrow as well


Just had notification my bid of £900 was accepted for the June issuance


:cry: I, unfortunately have just been rejected for the first time. A little bit slow off the mark because of the long weekend and then a series of work calls. Will be interesting to see the stats to determine whether it was the bid amount or just its tardiness which caused the failure.

I don’t suppose you bid £1000? In which case, I’m fairly confident it’s the amount, based on what I’ve seen myself.

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Yes, £900 was the max this time

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@robert can we get an update on


was just about to do that - now updated


Didn’t get it this month :scream:

It will be interesting to see the stats. The highest successful bid appears to be reducing steadily due to steadily greater take-up.

Were you above £800 and when did you place your bid?

£900 on 2nd … Would have been am

My £800 bid was accepted, so looks like the highest accepted has dropped even further

@robert any chance of the August stats?

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hi guys, did anyone have any issues with placing a bid on a bond for Aug?
I kept trying, before the closing date and time, but the option wasn’t available for me. I just assumed the bidding closed earlier for Aug as a result

Sorry to hear that. We didn’t hear of any issues. What day was it that you were trying?

Yeah I think this will continue until they do a bigger issuance again. I’ve always bid £500 except for the £1,000,000 when I bid £2000 as I figured that was more likely to be accepted.

Oba rather be in than out basis, as I’d hate to miss out if I tried to game it to get the max possible

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