The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

Thanks for bidding for Dozens Savings Plc’s listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds. We’re pleased to let you know that your bid has been successful.

I like emails like that!


How much did you bid?

Just £300 was my first time bidding, I’m cautious with something new lol

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I think that was a sensible bid - I’d guess the cut-off (for new bids, ie people who didn’t have them cancelled in April) is likely to be 400 / 500.

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My £500 bid was just accepted. I reckon they’re working down the list

Edit: my bid did not qualify for the special treatment of the cancelled April bids

congratulations to everyone who had bids accepted

you can see the stats here:

as @dan_g guessed correctly, total bids were almost £500,000. We wanted to give the April bidders a fair chance to get their bids in as we had paused that one during the process - but since we cannot just assume everyone has the same financial situation this month, it was up to them to re-enter their bids - which many of them did.

This makes this issuance slightly unusual, but hopefully we still managed to bring on lots of new customers who bid under £800 in August as well.

We’ve announced the dates for the August issuance as well


You seemed to have changed the nomenclature. Previously the month of the issuance referred to the month in which the bonds were issued. Now the month seems to refer to the month the bids are placed. In other words, previously you would have referred to August issuance as September issuance.

Is this change deliberate?

ooh, you really do have :eagle: :eyes:

indeed, there has been a change and the change is deliberate

it made logical sense for the issuance to be named after the actual date the bonds are issued, but in practice I believe that since the majority of the effort (bidding, reviewing and allocation) take place in one month and then the launch is the first (working) day of the month afterwards, was sometimes confusing people.

We couldn’t change it while we had a series going (or we’d have a duplicate) but as there has been a break, we could switch it.

Does this work for you or does it create confusion? The legal dates are all in the app and the terms so those have not changed, so it is just the naming for communications like this


A little on the low side with my 4-500 estimate.

Not sure the people bidding tens of thousands each month understand the bidding process… I know there was one lucky bid in an early round, but if you’ve got £20k you want to save in Dozens you should be dripping it in…

Makes no difference to me. Was just curious and wondered if it was a mistake.

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It would be interesting to see the number of failed bids too

I knew something was messing me up - eureka :bulb:

What would the highest/average bid be if there wasn’t the April priority? (But all bids part of the same thing)

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I’m afraid I don’t know, and this would not be made available

This will vary with every issuance, based on the number of bids, their value and the total available. If you look at previous bids on £100k issuances you can see that the highest bid has varied between £900 and £3000

I notice the September bidding is now open.

Is it £100k again?


You can find the latest details, and the historical results, in this topic

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Any update on how the August one is going?

Got my email/push message saying my bid was accepted on Monday afternoon.

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My bid was accepted £300.

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thanks everyone, and congratulations if you were successful this time

I have now updated the usual topic with the statistics from this round, and the opening post has the details of the next round which will open on the first of the month