The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

I got all excited then…


@gsra99dozens @Robertiwills


How does bidding on a bond work?

i.e. when are the deadlines, does a larger or smaller amount make it more likely to get one

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I’ve just has a push message saying bids are open, that’s great!

For those of us who had cancelled bids last time, I believe you said there would be priority in this round?

Do you have to make exactly the same bid? What if you bid more / less?

edit - just seen email clarifying, thanks.

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First time I’ve actually bid on a bond, I found the whole process simple.

welcome @donquixote

The full details can be found here:

The deadlines are here:

As you will see from conversations around here, we cannot comment about what bids you want to place, except to say that we prioritise smaller bids first, but the amounts that are successful will depend on the demand for any particular issuance.

Yes! I see from your edit that you received the separate email for April bidders. You will need to bid the same amount for fairness, though you can change it if your circumstances have changed, but in that case it will count as a new bid.

So glad to hear it, and great to have you take part in this one.


Thanks. I was actually thinking of a lower bid, but since the bonds can be re-sold I’ll stick my original bid back in and hope I keep working :slight_smile:

For what its worth - I imagine there will be a lot of bids this time. If I were going in as a fresh bid, I’d be aiming low and hoping you are going back to regular issuances??..

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Our intention is to make these bonds available on a regular basis, with the proviso, of course, that things like Covid-19 and Lockdown can happen!


Great but how do I add funds? The Top Up button has disappeared

You can simply do a bank transfer to your account, then boost your cash savings to suit your bid

Thanks, but I’m pretty disappointed (as an investor) that the app is so messy and top up is invisible. Seriously, you need a new UX team

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We’re always happy to get feedback on the design, and we’re currently working on many updates to the screens, so I’m sure the team will be happy to hear your thoughts.

The top up is not invisible however, it has been removed from the app so it is not a UX issue. To add funds you need to send funds from a separate account.

Does this help?

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@robert I do wish the payments section from the spend included the option to send to savings/grow rather than have to go to the grow section and pull the money from the spend section using the ‘+’ sign. It is unlike most other accounts and catches me out every time.
I’d prefer a ‘Transfer to grow’ option in the pay menu list.


Very good suggestion. I think this is under consideration already, but just in case I will make sure to pass it on to the team.


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One suggestion from me is that it should be possible to see the closing date for applying for a bond in the app before starting the application process.

You already see the issue date and the finish date but not this critical piece of info especially if your Grow account is empty


Thanks for that and great to hear from you!

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And… bond applications closed!

Anyone remember how long it takes to hear whether you’ve been successful?

For the March issuance the notification of success went out the the day after the bidding closed (bids closed 23 Feb then notification on afternoon of 24 Feb).


So based on that, you would expect this afternoon?