The Dozens Savings Plc listed 5% p.a. Fixed Interest Bonds are Back!

Minor niggles with the process aside, it’s quite a faff applying each month, particularly if you’re unsuccessful anyway. It would be great to be able to autobid e.g. a fixed amount (£100, £500).


Rejected bid here too.

Yes, it’s all a huge amount of pfaffing amount. For the maximum amounts dozens allow you to be successful, the return on investment in terms of time, hassle and money is low.

But, as dozens have always said, it’s a marketing gimmick to attract attention to themselves rather than the primary goal being to offer something of genuine value to their customers, and based on that criteria I certainly take my hat off to them: they’re certainly gaining the maximum bang for their buck with these small monthly issues despite having to wait for most of 2019 for the bonds to relaunch.

Yes, though they run the risk that a ‘poor’ experience bidding for a bond, puts them off using the brand.

You could have filled your belly on the 1 Million bond issue. Did you get much on that?

Is information about the Feb issuance available yet (specifically, amount available and bid opening date)?

I can’t remember if this type of information was previously made available in advance of bid opening or if it only becomes available when the bidding has actually opened.

I have just received and posted the details of the February 2020 issuance, and the statistics for the January 2020 issuance

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I notice the statistics for the January issuance mentions “This was the cut-off, so only the earliest £1k bids were accepted”

Was the bid acceptance process different for the January issuance compared to earlier? I ask because similar statements didn’t accompany earlier statistics.

No - it was just a clarification that was made to me this time so I added it here for completeness

the process was identical and will stay the same

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Hi @robert,

Happy new year!

Looks like a little oversight/bug with interest payments not going out on January 1st - Is there an update on the issue?

I’ve spoken to the chat team, and it was the first they’d heard of it.


Morning, and Happy New Year to you too!

Thank you for raising that. The team has been out over the holiday period so they are catching up on all payments and orders (we’ve also got the new issuance out today!), so this should be sorted presently. Sorry for the short delay

Hope you had a wonderful break

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Thanks Rob.

Purely out of interest (excuse the pun), but is this a manual process?

I would have assumed it was automatic, rather than needing any human intervention?

very good question (do you remember the story last year of the Russian robot that turned out to be a man in a cyborg suit?)

No, interest payments are not a manual process, but there are some elements that need manual review and intervention (if there are any anomalies) as part of the checking process.

This is our first 2020 payment (and therefore our first Y+1 payment since we only started dealing with transactions in 2019) so the team are still working on it but I’m sure it will get sorted.

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I understand that any outstanding interest payments will be made tonight, so they should all be in your Grow account tomorrow morning. If not, do let customer service know via email, chat or call tomorrow

Perfect, thanks @robert.

Funnily enough, I’ve just come off the chat with CS, and they had no idea on time frames.

I also asked if I could withdraw my Bond balance (which I’ve been planning on doing for months), and still receive the interest payment - They said that I shouldn’t do that, as it might cause more delays…

I do feel that the message from yourself and this forum is usually more accurate and up to date than the CS, which isn’t ideal.

I have direct access to the individuals who are managing everything, so I have a bit of an advantage over the guys who are on the phones & chat all day.

We discuss on our internal comms channels and I have the luxury of ‘interpreting’ what is discussed while they (obviously) need to wait until we have more confirmed information so they don’t say anything that might be incorrect or incomplete. I do apologise, but in most cases there’s not much difference or delay, you just happen to be on the ball!!

Technically you will not withdraw any bonds, you sell them and you can do this any time. You will get your interest if you sell them after you have accrued the interest over the month. The month runs until the date of the issuance / payment so that’s your cut off date.

In most there will be no issue with selling whenever you want, but in this case their advice was correct - since there is a slight delay in some interest payments, it would be best - if you can - to wait until that is sorted just to avoid the possibility of confusion and possibly having to call again. However, if you are in a rush, you can go ahead and I’m sure it would get sorted.


Just opened app and all my bonds have disappeared, and there are no savings transactions (as i was informed not implemented yet) so it appears Dozens has taken my money and i have no proof. This is obviously not the case but problematic …

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Mine has done the exact same thing - can’t even bid for the current bond issuance.

Sorry about that @Wickster and @maria

I have checked with my colleagues. I believe there may be a slight delay loading that section of the app. If you click on ‘Your Bonds’ and leave the page open for a minute or two, your existing bonds should appear.

We do not store information locally like this so that it is always up to date, so there are times where the information takes a little longer to update in the app than others. This should not be noticeable, but can occur if there happens to be an additional load on the servers.

I will check with the technical team, but don’t worry, your bonds are still there and you should still be able to bid on the current ‘February Issuance’ if you let the page load.

If it is still not loading, can you please try logging out completely, then logging in again. This should get all the latest information from the server. Again, it may be slow but it is working (I checked and I had the same thing, but it loaded after about 30 seconds).

Finally, if it still does not load, please contact the help desk and we will look into your accounts.

In the interim, I will raise this with the technical team.

Thanks for checking in!

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Just checked and it took about 20 seconds before anything was showing in Grow

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Since some of you asked (but we’ve not updated the app interface yet) - just a friendly reminder that the current issuance closes in around 48 hours - in case you were waiting.