The Dozens Bonds are Back!

Very busy clickers but got in eventually!

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This is great news! When will the investors’ bond round be?


OK, thanks everyone for your interest and excitement. The servers are red hot with all the interest in the bonds.

We apologise if you aren’t yet seeing the bid button, but do give it a try again and it should be fine soon. We have our engineering team working overtime on it. As you can see, there are still people getting through.

We’re certainly getting lots of bids in for this first issuance. Feels a bit like Glastonbury!

I’ve had some messages about this, so I should remind you that this is just the first, small and quick, issuance, and that there will be another one in October as well, and then the plan is to have them regularly after that as well, so if you happen to miss out now, or if you are not ready, there will be other opportunities.

Do read up on the bidding and allocation process in the explanation post (shared again for reference below) so you know what the bonds are about, and how we will process them all.

Thank you all for your support and your interest. And thanks to the enthusiastic bidders already for your perseverance.


That will be in October (you’ll get details of that through the appropriate channels)

Just submit bond successfully

There’s few more buttons and reads than expected. But overall still very clear.

Suggestion, maybe overhead you can have a process bar to say which stage we are at.
1 submit bond
2 read T&C
3 read bonds T&C
4 submit personal detail



Is there a way to see the full T&Cs before bidding?
It wasn’t possible to do this the last time the bonds were offered and it is the reason I didn’t bid.

With the ISA option, does interest earned stay within the ISA or does it get paid to a non-ISA account?

How will the S&S ISA function in relation to other Dozens investment products offered or soon to be offered as a S&S ISA? Will there be a single Dozens S&S ISA which can hold all the products, or will we need to have seperate S&S ISAs for different products (e.g. one for Bonds in the Grow section and a different one for Funds in the Invest section)? The latter would obviously mean you would not be able to subscribe to ISAs for Dozens Bonds and Dozens Funds in the same tax year.

Does the ISA support incoming cash transfers from other ISAs?

Good questions:

Yes, see the last item in the menu here:

Interest from an ISA wrapped product will be paid into an ISA account

Yes, the same Stocks & Shares ISA will apply for any investment products in the Dozens app, so you can have different products with Dozens, but you cannot open a S&S ISA in the same tax year with another institution

Not yet.

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I suggest you provide a link to this on the “view details” bonds screen within the app.
That’s where I would expect to see a link to the full T&Cs.

There’s an active Freetrade forum topic on Dozens that I haven’t seen you pop into yet @robert so bringing it to your attention as I’ve seen you in others:


Managed to bid successfully, but the pending bid only shows up randomly, sometimes not showing at all in the app.

Probably just server overload?

I seem to remember dozens actually provided an account statement at some point showing transfer into the emoney account. Or am I imagining it?

he he he … I think I was nicknamed “Ubiquitous Rob” at one point in some forum

thanks so much for the link. I’ve decided that unless I’m needed to dispel misunderstandings, I probably can’t, and shouldn’t be EVERYWHERE as it makes it hard to always stay on top of things. I would hate to start a reply then miss a follow-up and appear not to care.

Thanks so much for this one. I’m always amazed by how brilliant and informed our customers and investors are who have already replied to questions, so I’m not sure I can add much more. I’d be happy to join in if anyone felt it was required - please do ping me and I’ll do my best (it isn’t your job after all)

I do believe so. The engineering team are still working on this as we’re still getting a lot of traffic. Should be better already.

Do you mean an actual statement for your current account, or one for the cash savings? For the current account, head to ‘Spend’ and click on the icon of the arrow into the box (for monthly statements or custom periods.

You can also click on the user ‘avatar’ (top left) to get to your Account details, then you can click on details for your Current Account to get monthly statements

There is a separate list of Transactions for your cash savings, but we’re fixing a small issue here at the moment so it is not currently available, but will be again shortly


I actually meant the statement for dozens’ own deposit into the ringfenced emoney account!

ah! there was a comment, yes:

We probably won’t do this for every issuance, but this was done to answer questions for the first issuance as a way to give some added transparency.

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Couldn’t find it earlier

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So so so excited for this and for next months issuance as well! Hopefully there will be no more issues and the bonds can be active every month.

Quick question, is there an issue with the savers awards/nominations again? Apparently I have 0 nominations even though I do use the card and account.

Yes, the plan is for these issuances to be available regularly so customers can put in regular smaller amounts rather than be required to provide lump sums.

The Savers Awards counter in the app is not showing anyone’s total right now. The logic changes are working in the background and are still being counted and used for the draws, but not yet showing in the app. The developers have been rather busy getting the Bonds and other parts of the app ready for launch, but we will get these live again shortly


Thanks @robert - 3 bits of feedback

1 - Was asked for NI number even thought I selected General Investment Account - not a big deal, but potentially confusing

2 - The pending bond keeps disappearing from the ‘my fixed interest bonds’ section of the grow screen. I’m sure its cosmetic (it always comes back), but potentially disconcerting.

3 - I understand how/why you’ll allocate the bonds, however it seems a bit unfair that someone who bid £1000 as soon as they are available might get nothing - while people bidding less than this at the last minute did get bonds. Have you considered lining up all the bids in order of time placed, and giving each person the first £100 of their bid. Then if there are any funds left, repeat giving £100 more to each person (still in order) who bid for more, repeating until all the money is allocated. I’d rather get something and nothing (and would have bid more if you were using this logic…) and this way small bidders still get a fair shake.

Oh one other idea - how about an IFTTT trigger so we can get alerts (or even automatically bid!) when you release a new round of bonds?


Disagree. To me it would be unfair to operate on a first come, first serve basis.

The current bid-allocation process achieves the greatest good for the greatest number of people by design and should not be altered nor complicated in favour of speed or those who already possess larger savings.

If you’d rather get something than nothing, then bid little and often. It’s not all or nothing.