Sort Code & Account Number not showing?


edit: Once the card is activated the details and balance is available.

The sort code and account number is no longer showing up in the profile page.
Tried logging in and out again. I’m nearly sure it was there before as I was able to send money to the account.

Is it just me?


Mine are showing. Version 1.1.2 Build 220 (iOS).

Have a look in Spend > Payments > Request for the details?

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You can also find those details on your physical card under your name btw.

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Haven’t got my card yet, maybe the details will show up once I activate it.

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That’s right. I noticed this after one of the recent updates. The account details will reappear after you activate your card. Think this might be to stop people transferring money in that they can’t then spend or transfer out, as all account spending/transfer payment functions seem to be locked down until the card is activated.

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Would be nice to see your account fully in app without having to activate your card first. It would allow people to participate in the bond issues etc. and start saving.


They’re planning to have virtual cards available at some point. Plus when they go to full release the physical cards will be dispatched much faster.

The combination of those two things means that this shouldn’t be too much of an issue once dozens has fully released and is only really a problem for the early testers.

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Just activated the card and everything is back to normal.