So Monzo has the Coral Crew


Monzos moderating team is called the Coral Crew, named presumably (looking at you @Peter) after the Hot Coral cards…

Any suggestion on what the (imaginary for now) Dozens moderating team could be called?


Golden Gang :stuck_out_tongue:


Banana Bunch
Lemon Lot

My fave has to be:



Mellow Yellows

Neon Force

Buttercup Squad

Custard Crew

What else is yellow! Golden Gang is good :wink:


Make 13 people “moderators” and call them the “Bakers”…



Big fan of this one.


I’m sure @katja would want me to point out that this is Mango Yellow, … do what you wish with that :wink:

Love it

Does remind me of the story of KFC’s Twitter followers


So it’s the Mango Mob then?


Beat me to it!

Mango Massive :sunglasses:

Mango Squad

Mango Posse(t)



The Butter Brigade


Where did the choice of mango yellow come from? Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I’m going to blind people with the mango and coral!


I’m worried that mango yellow and hot coral will clash horribly. Something will have to give.

(Also, Dozens need to focus on shipping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Hey @Broadie03 :wave: It’s Mella here, Lead Brand Designer at dozens, glad you’re liking the Mango! We chose yellow initially for a warm, optimistic feel and it also seems to be pretty untaken in the fintech space. We had a lot of debate on a more ‘Lemon’ yellow vs. ‘Mango’ yellow, but in the end mango came out on top, it’s a bit different and warmer. It’s very bright, you certainly won’t miss it in the post :star_struck:

Am also loving this thread! Golden Gang’s my fave so far…


Here is us in 50 shades of yellow, debating the right shade! :wink:, many months back!


I think the yellow will achieve the desired effect with regards to identity and recognition!


Think I just need to go and get some Haagen Dazs