Shareholder cards are in the app

Just got my shareholder card today. Looks really nice.

Got mine today. Must be the the worst card I’ve ever had as the white tipping is practically non existent. Shall not be showing this off to anyone. Pics emailed to Rob for clarification.

@ColinR thanks for your email

The white tipping is actually non-existent - we have left them uncoloured on purpose. What is possible (hard to say from a photo as could be reflection) is that the embossing has ‘stretched’ the grey of the card and left it slightly more translucent than it should be and giving you the impression that there ought to be white on there. That is something we can look at, but is something that will happen when you emboss the cards but choose not to then add a covering colour.

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Aha! Didn’t realise this, thought it was supposed to be white to contrast with the black on the Mango :mango: cards. Most of the large numbers look grey but the smaller items are indeed the same colour as the card.

Yes, the numerals seem grey probably because being larger font they are embossed to a higher as well as wider etc, degree. I think it looks great. R-


Got my card today also, very nice will be using it for my “drawings” from business account.

Would be nice to allow you to top up direct,y to the secondary card too, I know you can move money :wink:

Wouldn’t it need its own account number? Multiple accounts would be great.

Bunq does them and lets you link your card to any one of your accounts

Can’t the top up be associated to the card number like a credit card?

Just thinking it would make the feed a mess with transfers here there and everywhere :wink:

Hadn’t thought, but that sounds a lot easier :slight_smile:

Got my shareholder card today.

In my opinion quality of the card is not great. Card number is not easy to see/read and it’s bit flimsy. I know it’s not that important but as this was one of the perks for investors I thought I just give my feedback.

As mentioned above it would be great if both cards could have their own account numbers it would be good for budgeting.


Like some others have said, I was a little disappointed by the card.

I too thought the tipping had worn away, and the card looks well used. Maybe that’s because the mock ups of the card I’d seen had the letters and numbers as a darker black than the card itself, so I was expecting them to have a black tipping on them?

So while I was a little underwhelmed, I also appreciate it was just a nice gesture done for the investors :slightly_smiling_face:


Really liking the :investor: card, great use of mango contrast. Shame some people are not fans, and maybe I just got lucky with the quality. Either way, I’m happy in the knowledge I’m supporting a positive movement, card or not.

Can’t wait for the next bond issuance, likely to encourage me to start using :dozens: more often.

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So… For those that have received their card, the important question is, which will be your primary?

  • :dozens_card: Original mango
  • :investor: Investor card

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Quick question. How do you activate the “Shareholder” title in your community profile? I’m guessing you need to get verified in some way?

Details are in the original post!


I’ll be honest, I only read the part about the new cards. But thanks for pointing that out. I shall endeavour to read the entire thing before asking questions in future. :wink:


Ha! We’ve all been there :slight_smile:

Thank you for the card. I think it is perfectibly fine. If they were very posh you’d have critical observations in hundreds, perhaps thousands. I’m perplexed reading this thread through (I don’t normally login to read sites like this, preferring to avoid the direction to new or unread that discourse brings (I know a luddite)) but I could have sworn somebody commented they had also received their Seeders share holder certificate.

So my question is have all the shareholder cards been issued and has Seeders therefore processed all the certificates? Thank you.

yes, there was a question about saving the PDF of the certificate that was sent by Seedrs. That was resolved.

I believe that all certificates have been sent by Seedrs. Have you received yours?

All shareholder cards have been sent … where the customer has already activated their account by activating their original card. There are a handful of cases still that we are chasing, but if you have done that, you should have received yours

If you didn’t get emailed a certificate, go to

Expand the Dozens box and click on the little blue pdf type image, that will load or download your Share Certificate.

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