Share your work-from-home set-up

I was going to post this a while back, but I’ve been a little busy (my job is to manage the VPN for home working. Used to be a nice quiet one :joy:).

Also included a couple of little Easter eggs for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, you must really be busy!! Good luck with that!

Thanks so much for sharing - and for the Easter eggs … so is that a bag of Wine Gums hiding?


Funny you should say that, it’s actually an empty packet of pom-bears :joy: there are some wine gums out of shot!


I can literally see Dozens lurking everywhere :joy:


My new work from home setup as of this afternoon :smile:


Someone looks very organised!!

How long will it keep looking like that? :slight_smile:

Haha, I generally don’t find that I need anything more than my laptop to do my job, so in theory it should stay fairly organised… though I’m sure I’ll find a way to change that :joy: it’ll probably depend on how strict I am with myself about not having lunch at my desk and things like that lol


I have over fifteen years’ continuous experience working solely from home. In that time, I tried a lot of different configurations for a home office but some elements remained the same throughout: -

  • A good quality wireless mouse - it doesn’t have to be expensive but it must be responsive and comfortable in your hand. Beware carpel tunnel!
  • A comfortable chair - pretty obvious really, but proper support for your lower back is essential. You’ll thank me when you are older!
  • Good lighting - avoid glare and reflections. Invest in a high lumen “daylight white” bulbs or lamps to improve your mood and avoid SAD in the winter months.
  • Ambient sound - when you have been on the phone with customers all day, silence is golden! But, at other times, you can avoid any feelings of isolation, improve your mood or motivation using a radio, streaming music service, smart speaker or add to your productivity by listening to podcasts. On a hot day like today, you can cool off virtually by streaming ambient sounds of rainfall or thunderstorms online. Invest in good quality kit!

I was pretty happy with my set up in general, but I had skimped on the chair and this was really beginning to tell on my back, so I’ve gone to the opposite extreme and invested in a ‘proper’ chair (for gamers really, but who else spends as many hours on a chair at home than dedicated gamers?)

This is my new Secret Lab Titan chair :slight_smile:


these are REALLY cool, and they’ll make a massive difference to the back issues too :slight_smile:


Why does your fluffy cushion have eyes? :smile_cat:


Voids. There to remind you of the terrors that lurk in darkness :stuck_out_tongue: