Round Up not working



I’ve just received my card, swopped the pin,turned on round up in dozens rules and made my first purchase.
Everything went smoothly apart from the round up part.
I’ve had to manually send my change over to Saves.
Hope it’s a one off glitch.


No, it’s just very slow (as in next day):


That’ll explain it then. Many thanks @ColinR🙂


Should probably add to that a little that it’s usually the next working day. Since the round-up currently occurs when the transaction settles.

My Tesco transactions are usually rounded up early hours of the next morning, except when I shop on a Friday, them the round-up happens on the Monday morning.


I hope they can manage to speed it up. I’m used to instant round ups with Starling and Monzo which helps you know where your balance is at.
I hasten to say Dozens has replaced my Monzo at this point.


If I recall Robs last response on this correctly, they are planning to change the way round-up work since it’s not very intuitive having the round-ups occur when the transaction settles :slight_smile:


correct - this is underway and may show up in an app update very shortly