Open Banking integrations - your thoughts

We’ve had a few comments on social media and via questions to customer service on this topic, so I thought it might be good to have a conversation about what your priorities might be for Open Banking developments with your account.

Two kinds of Integrations

Adding information to Dozens

At this stage, Dozens itself is still developing and launching our own new app features, so we are not focused on bringing IN data from other accounts using Open Banking integrations.

If we were to start doing this, what sort of integrations would be of most interest and value to you?

Sharing Dozens account information to other apps

Your Dozens ‘Spend’ data is available to be shared with third party apps, so you can check your balance on other apps should you need to do this.

This requires approved access to our API, so it is secure, and then you will be able to manage this for your own account. This facility is new and being tested, but we will hopefully see new instances of this in the near future.

In practice this is something that has to be carried out by the other app - they have to design a tool to connect to us to collect your information (with permission), so you will need to raise this with any other apps that you use. However, we would be interested to know more about what tools you use and how you see this as being useful for you.

Here are some links to previous discussions on this subject. You can add to the specific topics, or leave your thoughts here and they’ll be shared with the development team

I use Emma for aggregation so I’d be interested to see Emma connect to Dozens via your API.

But at the moment I don’t use the Spend aspect of Dozens. For 3rd party access to be useful to me it would have to also provide access to Grow.