Looking for community help with...my finances

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Of course, as a fintech we can’t not talk about money. I’m personally not from a financial background so a lot of what’s being said in the news about the stock market goes straight over my head.

But what I do know about money is my own situation. How much I have left to spend this month, how much my electricity bills have increased and by how much my transport spending has decreased. The first step was accepting that my finances have changed. The next step for me, and I imagine a lot of us, is learning what else has changed, what’s out there for me and how can I adjust to stay on top of my finances.

Here’s some sites I’ve found helpful… please share any you’ve found too.

P.s we’re publishing our own blog post which untangles some of the financial jargon that we’ve been hearing so much of lately. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never invested before or if you’re a pro, stay posted for that one!

Now it’s your turn. Please comment below any links you found helpful. :point_down:


Sorry if inappropriate but I’ve built my blog after realising that I was one of those guys finding loads of good deals out there to save money.

I would often found some deals like “download this, you’ll get a free coffee”. “Buy 1 this you’ll get 1 free”. It might make you spend more, but if you already decided on buying something, why not go the extra mile and make a bit of saving on it?

This is where my friends started to call me “Ludo Good Deal”. And Tadaa!

Hope that helps some of you, and that you can enjoy some of those tips once “lockdown” is over and our lives resume to normal.
Any questions or feedback, please shout, I’d be happy to help!

Ludo (Good Deal).

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Ludo this is great! :star_struck: Little hints and tricks that we learn along the way which are always worth sharing.

What’s the best piece of saving advice you’ve ever received?

p.s. Really cool layout by the way.

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Thanks :relaxed:

I think if you want something specific, spend 5-10 minutes browsing around shops, you can easily find for the same product, where it’s the cheapest.
Then look for “discount codes”. An extension like Honey joinhoney.com/ref/cy84r3 automatically fills voucher codes for you to try out and find the best discount at checkout!
Finally once you fill up your basket online, close your tab, go to Topcashback (see How to save money further? Cashback websites!) and click the shop and finalise your checkout. You can easily make 20% savings in average.

Then for any other tips, just think about if you really need something first. Wait couple of days, an see if you still want/need it.

Try to run a monthly budget, more or less. how much you get every month, spend on, and can save on.
Whilst you got that level, make sure you diversify your savings: Cash, Stocks, Lending, Property…We’ve seen there is always something happening out there that can derail your plan, so make sure you can be few months on your own in case of big disruption.

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Thanks for sharing these tips!

This is definitely some excelent Grafter behaviour. Even if researching products isn’t your cup of tea, Honey is great for those who prefer a more passive approach to saving.

I am curious, where do you think you got most of these savings attitudes? Have you always had them? :thinking:

I think it grew in me over time, especially with the easy booming of advertising and online shopping. ANd such a massive loads of information and blogs to read to help each other.

I realised that “every little helps” So even saving few pence, make a big difference at the end of the month or year. At the end, I take something positive out of this exercise where I feel that spending the time research was worth it, and makes me feel good about it.

Or maybe that’s simply me being half-swiss :smiley: born and raised to learn how to handle money aha
Leaving this for a bit of fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCSQwPv6Z-k&t=20s

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I currently use piggy (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/piggy-automatic-coupons-c/hfapbcheiepjppjbnkphkmegjlipojba) I don’t think I’ve successfully got any voucher codes from it yet, but it is quite handy having it popup as you’re at checkout on sites if it was able to find codes to attempt.

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I hadn’t heard of this one yet, thanks for letting us know!

This could be an especially helpful reminder for those who depend on online shopping at the moment.

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That’s exactly the kind of healthy financial behaviour we love to encourage. :tada:

Spending money is pretty easy, so to find ways to make saving enjoyable and good for your pocket is a win win!

Like you said, it can take some time. If you can, please share any other blog or articles which inspired your savings habits. There’s so much out there but hopefully this thread can help narrow some tried and tested sites.

:joy: :joy: