Let's get to know each other :)


Hi All,
I’m Dave, otherwise known as @DozyDad. I’m in mid-fifties and a Chartered Electronics Engineer, living and working in mid-kent.
What else is there to tell you? Hmm…I’m happily divorced, five kids, loads of grandkids. I worked for Nokia for quite a few years as a senior tech, I’m a bit of a tech geek.

Looking forward to getting my card shortly…


I’m an accountant, originally from the Wirral, but have been living in Jersey for many years.

I use Starling and Revolut, I also have Monzo, Loot, Atom, and Bud accounts. I don’t use them as current accounts, as I’m quite happy with First Direct as my ongoing bank account. At the moment.

Of the more modern accounts, I prefer Starling. I’m looking forward to trying out Dozens though.

I tried out Revolut initially, as I was looking for a cheap way to get cash Euros from a bank while on holiday.

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I agree re: Starling, I’ve had Monzo but closed it after major issue. My one bug with the current choices is it seems none of them support PAYM, I’m also looking forward to using Dozens. These app only banks seem to have left the High Street banks in the dark ages.


Monzo and Starling have their own version of this.

Settle Up and Pay with a link.

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What was the major issue with Monzo?


@jpw I am in a very similar position having been with First Direct for years but have dipped my toe into the challenger space in search of a better product. Just in the process of moving my business account to Starling from NatWest (Business Banking Switch and no charges) and I could almost see as a replacement for First Direct. Others are less mature but have their niche - Starling (Foreign Transfer) Tandem (Cash Back Credit Card) Revolut (Foreign Transfer) and Curve (Card Aggregation). None are complete products however and I am really hopeful that Curve, once it receives a banking licence may actually become my main bank, based on its current direction of travel. Lets see, however looking forward to starting the journey, currently 3451 in the queue, also looking forward to seeing the Seedrs proposition.


Hi @katja - I live in Clapham with my 0 kids and 0 husbands, but working on both of those :rofl:

My background is in FinTech - There aren’t many cards / accounts I don’t have, having previously been deeply involved with the betas of many products.

I’m currently working for a social impact FinTech firm, helping those suffering from the poverty premium, the underbanked, and unbankable.

I enjoy my days in our funky cool offices in the heart of Piccadilly Circus.

I don’t enjoy electric shocks, but I love spiders, heights and rollercoasters. I need more rollercoasters in my life.

Keep smiling! :slight_smile:


Have Curve indicated they’re working towards a banking license?

Can’t say I’ve seen any statements around that. :thinking:


I didn’t think Curve were going in that direction. I decided against that type of card as it loses the link to the original transaction. Once Amex blocked it, that took away a key benefit (amex points on transactions not normally offered), and I suspect other banks may follow. I’m not an Amex customer (never never) but still I disagree with ‘middle men’ for the sake of it


Apologies for the implication, I now realise I mistakenly combined challenger banks with curve as a non bank fintech solution in the same list.

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I almost understood what you said :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m Dave, I’m an addict. A fintech addict.

Currently wondering how many random codes I can enter on the app before I either get locked out or find one that lets me in!

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Welcome Dave(TMG)!!

No need for that :slight_smile:

What stage in the process are you at? If you can see the screen in order to enter the code, you are “in the queue” and that means there’s every chance you will get your code in the next few days as we clear as many from the queue as possible!


Yeah I’m in the queue… tap tap tap :slight_smile:

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Hey all, excited i’m in the queue! No invitation codes going are there? :wink: