Let's get to know each other :)


Thought I’d say hi… I’m Andy, 38, from Kent. I’m a software product manager with a strong interest in fintech… Came across Dozens through the Monzo forum and really looking forward to seeing what the offering is here especially the savings to investment routes… Really keen to hear about the crowdfunding announcement today!


Hi I’m Danny, I like flowers, long bike rides in the forest, cats and pineapple on pizza.


Don’t we all…

Get out. :wink:


Look it’s not my fault you’re the minority ok :eyes:


Not quite sure we should give a cat person the benefit of the doubt on the pineapple thing. Ah, forget it makes face at such an Abomination :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m Graham born a Southerner but been in Birmingham for donkeys’ years. Been into fintech since Starling and Monzo fired up. Checked out all the recent offerings but know now what’s right for me.

Dog owner, (gif-hater), and long career in mental health care (so fintech is an antidote). Interested in seeing how dozens might work for me - good to be aboard. :grin:



Darling! I’ve been waiting for you! :heart:


I can’t get a break - I just can’t… :scream:

(Nonetheless, it seems I find myself in good company)


Though it seems Discourse sympathises. The animated gif has since become a click-on-me-first link.

Dozens looks favourably on you, our child.


Don’t raise my hopes, Peter. It’s always ended badly (I’ve found).

And the weekend is yet young :smirk:


I so want to post a gif in reply. But as it’s you…


Of course, if they’re really artistic and thought-provoking, well potentially, that’s different…oh, and funny.

But definitely not of a cat playing the piano :rage:



And just when I thought I was out…:pleading_face:

(Hi Danny :anguished:)


A new joiner from Kingsbridge, frustratingly only just stumbled across you and now sat in the queue waiting. Patience not one of my virtues especially as I am currently working up in Whitehall rather than in Devon, rather sub-optimal!


Convert from Revolut here. Although some good features there, never felt right being with them (some practices that even high street banks wouldn’t adopt). Feels much better with Dozens, much better transparency and a sensible customer-focused offer. Looks like I found my bank


Interested as to your issue with Revolut as I have an account and have been quite happy with it so far although I like the idea of dozens, I have yet to find a single best fit solution and will probably use dozens alongside others depending on how it shapes.


yo yo yo
what’s up?


@mimote good question

I used Revolut for a while and in general enjoyed the way it worked (my favourite feature was the vault and rounding up, so really happy that’s here).

I feel this is the wrong place to talk negatively about another provider. A summary is that I feel their approach to customer contact, the pay monthly product marketing and setup, and to the 14 day cooling off period is not good or ethical. I didn’t lose anything (other than time), but stepping back and considering it all, it left a bad taste. So at that point I was looking elsewhere.