Let's get to know each other :)


Hey @Grunter :wave:

For clarity @robert, the FinTech forum was born from the ashes of the Starling forum when it was shut down in October last year.

There is a strong Staring presence, but a lot of people have rounded views on FinTech, with many people trying different banks/services.

It’s a good all round forum for anyone wanting to join :smiley:


thanks - it is new to me (I have enough fora to keep me busy for more than 24 hours per day) but it is interesting to see what people say, especially of they have any issues, so I will keep an eye on it, but may not jump in unless required :slight_smile:

thanks for letting me know (and for sharing information)


I think you’ll find most of the FinTech people will likely register here and ask any questions (whereas the Monzo forum people don’t seem to get that as much).

Everyone seems to be universally excited by Dozens though!


I’m Kevyn. I’m a primary teacher from just outside Manchester. I found my way here from the Monzo Community thread. I like testing new FinTech products ahem and am an early tester of Jaja right now. Im interested in the ethos of Dozens, as I really struggled with saving until I cut my spending away and lived on a fixed weekly budget. Its what attracted me to Monzo, and now Dozens.


Hey Kevyn, lovely to see a friendly familiar face. My reckoning is that we’re mostly Monzo forum folk here at the moment - it’ll be good when that widens out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are a lot of non Monzo folk here, but they tend to be quieter and read more rather than post, which is fine

Posting in public on a community like this can be a hard habit to develop, but I do encourage everyone to join is as it is a very friendly place and we’d love to hear from a lot more participants, especially if dozens is maybe your first experience of mobile financial tools


That’s good to know! Can you share any stats about how the forum’s growing at all?


Hello Peter, I’m a non Monzo, lurker - a reader not a poster


Hello and welcome to the posting side of the board! :grinning:


Hey all!

Just got my access code last night so excited to get involved on this forum and see what Dozens have been and will be up to!

Main excitement being the 5% bonds and different way of looking at how a Bank can help you save.

I’m 22 and work in Law - studying part-time to become qualified - nice to meet you all.


Hey gang, realised I managed to miss the intro thread!

I’m Tom, I work in TV/film, and occasionally pop up on the Monzo and FinTechTalk forums :wave:


Hi all. I’m Stephen. Live in Bromley, work in digital marketing.

I got interested in all things fintech a few years ago whilst working for a High Street bank where everyone (naturally) had a Monzo account!

Despite the geographical handicap, I’m a City fan and am a semi-regular at St James Park. So can I be a proxy member of the Devon gang? :smile:


I’m Kit, I’m 33, I’m from Bristol, and I work in Customer Services.

I am interested in FinTech, and lurk around different forums to keep up with what’s going on. Dozens’ emphasis on savings interests me, so I’m waiting for my card to come through.

Nice to meet you all! I brought HobNobs so help yourself…


Hi everyone,

Finally posting something on here. I’m Lizzy, I’m 22, a medical student and looking forward to being able to balance my finance. Hoping to start the path from spender to saver.


Thank you @Codf


I hereby dub thee “Honorary Devonian”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi I feel I have lurked for too long

I’am Helen from Essex, a total newbie to the world of FinTech. I’m a busy mum of 2 boys, 2 dogs and have just recently taken up running again. Getting excited about the investment features that dozens offer.


Typing in that bond box is the most painful thing to happen to me ever and I’ve broken my leg, collarbone and wrist before in one go.


yep, it’s pretty horrendous right now :smiley:



I’m Jimmy, and I’m currently attending uni in London! To be honest I found out about dozens after an ad popped up on my Instagram stories feed :joy: I’ve been into the whole techy-techy scene since my first year here (I use Monzo, Starling and the like), and after looking into dozens I really wanted to try it out and be a part of this community!