Let's get to know each other :)


Hello from yet another Monzo user :wink: we are flooding in…


Hi - I’m AnnieD - a Geordie living in West London and I was part of the amazing What If panel prior to Dozens launching, so great to see it’s finally happening - way to go!!! :grinning:


Hey Annie, great to see you back! :wave: Welcome! The app is on the App Store since the weekend, so things are speeding up! Have you had a look yet? Looking forward to continuing conversation here!


Hey Katja - nice to still see female power!! I have indeed, got a glitch with the app, so Robert reminded me about joining this panel…so will keep my eyes peeled for updates! All the very best and here’s to a great 2019 for the Dozens team :wave::clap::wink:


Yes to girl power! :facepunch: :raising_hand_woman:! @robert is our community and customer service superhero, good thing he got you over here!


Hi! Currently a student at Cambridge, but will be starting a full-time job in June and looking to get my finances in order! Great to be here. :smiley:


Hello, I’m Kevin, a health professional living in the East Midlands. I am interested in Fintech in general and joined tempted by the savings rate. I also liked the look of the app and your ethos being the current account for savers and your stated aim of earning money when we do rather than from overdrafts etc


Hello, I’m Nathan :wave:

I’m a software developer living in West Berkshire. I followed a few others over here from the Monzo community :sheep: The offered interest rate, and @robert being so active and helpful over there enticed me. Looking forward to seeing where dozens goes :blush:


I’m Simon. I’m in a queue to get the app can’t wait. Excited to see what it offers. I’ve signed up to most new financial apps but the 5% seemed interesting and I like the yellow colour :slight_smile:
Came here due to seeing an ad / monzo community


Hi guys👋 Mella here, I’m a designer at dozens. I’ve been here since the start and had lots of fun thinking up what the dozens brand looks and feels like. Really keen to hear your initial thoughts!

Bit about me, I’m originally from Devon, now been in London for 7 years. Money wise am a bit of an over-spender, but trying to amend my ways :grimacing:


Me too!


:raised_hands: Woop Devon massive! Where abouts? I’m North Devon, we also have another South Devon-er in the office


Exeter, I’m a little city boy… well, about as close to city boy as you can get in Devon :joy:


Hi everyone! I’m Bonita :raising_hand_woman: I recently joined dozens as Product Manager for the app and I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone’s dozens app experience!

I’m South African and very new to London…still figuring out how to manage my finances in this wonderful city! :money_with_wings::money_with_wings: Excited to join the discussion here in the community!


Hi, glad to make this my latest community.

Monzo and (recent) Curve user. On the waitlist for Freetrade Android.

Have been using Monzo for the last year or so to ‘take control’ of my financial self. Previous small time crypto investor, still have a handful of small balances floating around. Used to be a regular eToro user, but fell out of love with it, can’t pinpoint why.

Savings goals… :house_with_garden:
Time to sell the flat and buy a ‘proper’ home.

I’m here to find out more about Dozens before signing up…


Good afternoon dozens community!

Wanted to introduce myself on here, as like Bonita I’m quite new to the dozens team. I’m Hannah - originally from Bournemouth, but been in London about 6 years now. I’ve joined the team as growth lead, so I’ll be focusing on all the different ways we can reach potential customers and letting everyone know about the dozens way!

Looking forward to hearing more from you all and getting some insights into what makes our customers tick….


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Just been approved and added to the list tonight! Super excited to be here with you all. The whole concept of dozens I think looks extremely promising and could be a real gamechanger.

Banking is a very over saturated market, but with the USP of the 5% bond and being able to be a saver and investor eventually all from the same app is extremely innovative and unique.

I definitely think Dozens will be one to watch over the next few years.


Hello all,
Just found out about dozens from the fintech talk forum (not a member), quickly signed up and now settling in for the (probably long wait) for my card to arrive.
The number of available options in the app really caught my eye.
I’ve been using Starling as my main account now for 18 months (love it), Using Monzo as my food budget account (not so much).
Looking forward to seeing how things progress.


Welcome @Grunter - thanks for joining us. Hopefully the wait is not too long :slight_smile:

Do you mind telling me more about where you were reading about us? I’m always keen to know what conversations are happening in case I can add some replies. Did you mean the Monzo topic about us, or something else?


Thanks Robert,
First read about you on the fintech talk community.https://community.fintechtalk.co.uk/
Read it, found your website, watched the app video and quickly signed up.