Let's get to know each other :)


Well i think apple need to really look at prices if they want to sell new phones its way over priced


They come from the school of thought that they don’t need to bring anything new to the table, as people got stuck into their ecosystem, and are convinced that what thye pay for has value. Problem is that apple users have been heavily wooed by brands like Huawei, who deliver stuff that is space age compared to apple, and at a fraction of the price, so of course people are deserting the ship


Hi Everyone, I’m James. I’m brand new to Dozens, but love the idea. Keen to chat about anything FinTech related. I’m head of sales and marketing at a RegTech startup in London… I’m usually out doing sport in the evenings or finding a meet up to go to about new ideas in tech and other industries being effected by it. Feel free to join me! Looking forward to seeing how this community develops.


Meetups are awesome, I tend to check every morning and fill the holes in my schedule with the most random ones imaginable, and discovered quite a few hobbies that way. And at worst, you get another excuse for coffee :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t get me started on coffee!

What sort of meet ups do you tend to go to? I’m currently trying to teach myself to code (I hear it can be done!) so I’m keen to find similar groups, preferably via Meetups.

Other than that I go for anything in the startup / tech world erring towards FinTech, EdTech and healthcare.


pretty much the same on startups, plus engineering/architecture, medicine, and some side stuff like RPGs and general geekery


I’m Mark, I live in Newcastle, living with two (currently very over excited about Christmas) children (one 5, one 9), an overworked academic wife, and, outside, a large number of pots filled with fruit trees and vegetables. Saving money is not a natural talent for me (any surplus tends to be ‘invested’ in 7 inch records) but I do want to be better at it - so I’m looking for forward to learning from everyone here.


If you spot anyone doing that, you actually physically can’t on Amazon btw without serious planning, you should report it to the ASA.


Hey everyone!
I’m Ryan and I’m from Glasgow!
I’m really excited to be a part of Dozens hopefully from the very beginning :crossed_fingers:


Hi, I’m josh.

I’m currently obsessed with fintech products, if you have a fintech product that looks interesting then I will have probably signed up to it.



I’m Michael. A guy working in IT up North near Darlington. Typically either working, Driving or planning crazy flight trips.


That sounds interesting! What sort of crazy trips? Is it because they are complicated, or do you literally do crazy flying (like the Red Bull races or something)?


Nothing like the redbull races unfortunately… just a hobby of flying around for no reason at all. Whether it’s sketchy planes in Ukraine, mile runs, hopping around and flying to a different country like Spain, Switzerland for a day trip, night out in another country for £15 - Just depends! I’ve done a lot of crazy little hops and trips :joy:


Hi everyone. I have joined the waitlist. I love the concept of having your banking, savings and investments all under one roof. I know this is something that other challengers are attempting but have so far failed to do anything meaningful. Excited to give Dozens a whirl.


Discovered Dozens through the Monzo Community ,decided to do all the signing up etc just to see what is it and just out of general curiosity


:wave: hello from the Monzo community!


Welcome Tom! Nice to have you join us here

I know we’ve spoken over on the other forum, but I don’t know much about you yet, other than you obviously take a keen interest in fintech. Can you share something about yourself for this community? In particular, do you have any savings ambitions?


And hello from another one!

(I’m now off to try and find the Dozens business model - liking the mock ups of the app and the proposition but wondering how on earth you’re gonna make money!)


I think you’ll see a flurry of Monzo customers on here. I think the thing the stands Dozens apart from other peers is the emphasis on savings. Monzo and Starling have really focused on modern banking which is great. But offer nothing special in terms of savings and growth.


Thanks, robert! Yup, a big fan of anything fintech and finance related. I do really like the look of dozens. Taking a look at the app preview I’m very interested in how it looks to be something like Emma (a budgeting app which connects to your accounts) and a CA/bank all in one, meaning no integrations is needed. Everything looks very intuitive.
I eagerly await access & will be sure to hang around here like I do other forums. :wink: