Issues with contactless TfL travel payments

All users should have received a notification this morning to say that we are experiencing some issues with our cards being used for contactless travel with TfL.

When using your card for travel, the money for the journey is not taken immediately, but simply authorised “offline” for later settlement, so companies like TfL (or maybe also when spending money while flying) can settle the amount at the end of the day.

Unfortunately these specific transactions are not being authorised at the moment. We are investigating the reason and will resolve it as soon as we can.

Please make sure you have an alternative card with you if you are travelling on a train or bus today.

Other transactions, whether chip-and-pin, contactless or online, will work fine and are not affected by this issue.


This issue is still ongoing. It is a TfL-specific issue regarding payments and not a technical issue, and is out of Dozens’ control.

We are in touch with TfL to get them to make a fix from their side and we do hope this can be resolved for our customers very soon as we realise that many of you have been using your cards for travel. As soon as it is fixed, I will update this topic again.

As TfL like to say, “We apologise for any inconvenience caused to your journey” (but we mean it)


Further update:

TfL have confirmed to us that this is a Mastercard issue and nothing to do with Dozens itself.

Dozens currently has a ‘shared BIN’ (Bank Identification Number) which was common with Loot who recently went out of business. We strongly suspect that our cards have been caught up in the effort to deal with the impact of Loot’s closure.

We have informed both TfL and Mastercard that our customers are being affected and we do hope they will fix this very soon.

As mentioned above, this issue is specific to TfL, and all other transactions and transfers on your Dozens cards are working normally.

To avoid this happening again in future, our roadmap includes us getting a dedicated BIN so that we are not at the mercy of external factors like this.

We are afraid that the issue with using your Dozens card on TfL has yet to be resolved. We are very sorry, and as frustrated as you are.

We know that this is affecting many of our customers, hundreds of whom use Dozens cards for commuting – including ourselves.

We are in touch with TfL and other partners regularly, and have voiced that the delay in resolving this issue is simply not acceptable.

We’ve already heard how some of you have been affected via our Helpdesk, but we’d also like to reach out to the community for any feedback so we can take it directly to TfL.

Have you been personally affected?

Please do let us know if you used to use your Dozens card for commuting and this problem has created issues for you. Perhaps it has required you to have to manage multiple cards or balances, or maybe it has made budgeting for your travel harder?

Any feedback we get will be raised directly with TfL and of course we will also do our best to resolve it for you as soon as possible.