How I saved £50 in one minute

Just dropping in as a friendly reminder to check your standing orders and direct debits!

Yesterday I was doing some finance maintenance (fintenance if you will), and to my horror realized that I’ve been paying for a magazine subscription that was being sent to my student flat in first year! :woman_facepalming: I’d like to think that some very confused students were at least learning something from them.

Am I the only one who’s done this?


Good call!

I had a subscription I thought was cancelled get automatically renewed two nights ago (they graciously cancelled and twined me).

Through this, I discovered a list of ‘pre-authorised’ merchants on my PayPal account that should not be there. Worth checking those lists for anything too!


You have a very good point here, It can be a bit tedious going through everything but well worth doing from time to time as you have just proved. I am the absolute worst for signing upto subscriptions, forgetting to cancel them, then getting charged.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one! It’s understandable though, with so much going on, cancelling a subscription can the last thing on our minds. But it could save us a lot of money in the long run.

Are there any particularly brands or types of subscriptions you found it tricky to get loose from?

The issue for some of these is that with annual subscriptions that simply roll-over, particularly for something you no longer get and therefore will not miss, these things can go on for ages without you realising.

I’ve had this happen to me with insurance, magazine subscriptions, domain registrations, and more. Thankfully my wife is very careful to check all our statements, so we usually find stuff, but then it can take a while to get a refund and explain that you no longer receive the service.

I have noticed that while PayPal makes the checkout experience easier on sites, it adds another layer of obscurity to the source of a charge, and unless you go to research it, you can forget to follow up. I’m trying to move stuff back to my cards or direct debits where possible to have a clearer list of these in future.

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So one situation that annoyed me a bit was actually a Norton subscription. I originally bought the product for around £30 from Curry’s then as I activated it there was some benefit to setting up a direct debit for renewal so I was like fine il set it up. Then one year down the line they debited the renewal at £79 when it was available online from their website to buy for £30. I understand it’s my fault for not sorting it out but I was like really, £79. I ended up ringing them and they kindly refunded the amount and I bought another year subscription for £30! Crazy!


It’s a good thing you noticed!

It’s funny, It’s those hidden expenses which make me nervous to check my finances even though they’re exactly what I need to be aware of. Have you ever turned a blind eye to your statements or are you an avid checker?