How do we incentivise people to be wealthier?


They summed up the protections of their products pretty well in their latest Instagram post.


Wondering about the protection? We understand you want to feel confident your savings are secure, particularly as we’re a new business. That’s why in addition to FSCS protection of up to £50K, we’ve developed an extra level of financial protection for your peace of mind. When you invest in a bond, we will place an amount of money equal to the amount you invested plus interest, in a trustee-controlled separate account. This amount is held on your behalf, and would be used to pay you in the event of any default.



Also on Keto. Lost 2 stone in 3 months.
I’m doing it to be a healthy weight. Once there I will eat carbs again but eat healthier and continue with the gym.
It’s been interesting as I now read most product labels and amazed at some of the ingredients.
On the original topic I think it would help a lot of people save if they could see clear goals and be set achievable targets which would receive a bonus.
I find setting goals work for me if I can see I’m making progress clearly and easily.


Do you reckon there’s scope to do Keto for 6 days and have a cheat day once a week?

I’m looking to transition off Keto full time and onto a maintaining style diet. It does take a few days for Ketosis to kick back in though.

Are we talking on tow forums haha?


Not sure I had 2 days off at christmas (didn’t eat loads of carbs but loads compared to what i had been eating) and put on nearly half a stone and felt rubbish. Took me about 10 days to lose it again.
I suppose it would depend on what you eat on your cheat day wouldn’t opt for 2 x dominos on a Tuesday.
My plan is to go back to eating carbs but less and leave a more healthy lifestyle.


Just realised what you meant by two forums when I was looking at monzo lol


Anything you can do to automate saving would help. Round ups on spends or a plug in along the lines of chip which works based on spending data and saving appetite (high, medium or low).

If you show people how beneficial and easy saving can be, they might be motivated to continue without the training wheels!

Life is about automation these days. People are lazy and want everything with little to no input :exploding_head: