First Savers Awards Draw

Our Savers’ Awards are an important feature of the :dozens: app as they bring to life the priorities that we believe in and want to support via our services. They benefit customers who are using the card regularly so that they can track their spending, and finding ways to put some money aside, and where this pot is put to work to provide them with a wealthier future.

We’ve had these algorithms running in the background since we launched, tracking the activity of all users so that we could see if the nominations were being added correctly, and the values we had given for each were fair. In some cases we’ve had to tweak these and make sure nothing was being missed.

We have a winner! (in fact there are 10)

We have just tested the process of random selection of winners and we are in the process of sending out messages to the lucky winners. As you may have seen, there are 10 prizes of £100 each, available to customers each month, with a draw made around the 7th of each month, when we then contact the winners and transfer the funds.

This is still the first test draw. We have now reset all counters while we make the final changes in time for next month’s awards. The updated presentation should arrive in your apps by the end of the month when
we will also share the full details of the updated rules and processes.

Oh, and good luck!


No luck this time then!

Any winners on the forum?

Emails are still on their way, so there’s still a chance :wink:

Winners will have to identify themselves if they’re willing, so who knows

I just realised there is potentially a small loop hole.

One week I set my budgeting very very tight, and obviously missed all targets hence no award nominations tickets.

Another week I artificially loosen up the targets, easily met, and voila! a few more lottery tickets.

:money_mouth_face: Cheating eh?

You could - there is nothing we can do to stop it really, so it is up to you. It does increase your nominations but still does not get you any guarantee of any win :slight_smile:

Hitting your weekly target will get you 10 nominations, but it is actually about the consistency (we’ll explain more soon) that will get you the most benefits


Were any winners also members of this community?

The emails have now been sent and payments made, so if any winner was willing to let us know if it was them, we’d love to hear your feedback

Hi Robert,

You say the team has reset all the counters. Does that mean they have been turned off while you do additional work? I’ve noticed since the reset I’ve added funds and got 0 nominations at all :frowning:



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Yes, we first reset the counters for everyone and these are not displaying in the app at the moment. However, we are tracking the transactions and ‘nominations’ in the background and will apply these once the update is out, so the next draw will be around the 7th of June as planned

We will be letting all customers know about these awards via an email shortly - this is an exciting reward for those who are using their Dozens app to its fullest


Awesome, Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to those who have won and can see this!

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