First look at the app


So I have an access code and I’m in!

The app looks beautiful - and it’s just like the mock ups we’ve seen. And, actually, I’m wondering if they were just screenshots after all…

There’s a limited amount you can do before you get a card (understandably) but first impression is that it’s super rich in features. Can’t wait to have a proper look later!


That looks great! No access code for me yet, but I’m hoping I’ll be soon… :eyes:

Really loving the colours on it, very easy to see!


Well done @Peter. Just have a look at the bottom of the “My Profile” page and make sure you are on the latest build. It should be V1.0.10 on Build 179. There is a little more functionality enabled with that but, as you say, most of it is locked down until the card is activated. R-


I completely agree that this is understandable. I would like it if it was a little clearer that these things can’t be used until the card is activated though.

I’ve been going around all morning tapping buttons that don’t do anything yet :smiley:


I’m well jel!

Edit: OMG I’m 3,551 in the queue!! I’m riiiiiight at the back of the queue thanks to my verification woes! :sob: Looks like it’ll be a while until I get to see the app!


Fairly obvious on the Spend tab :wink:


That tab makes it clear that you can’t use the card before it’s activated. However, it’s still not clear that most of the buttons on the home screen/tab won’t do anything yet :slight_smile:


Well I’ve worked out that given my number in the queue and the rate it’s going down I should be all set to be up and ready to go in about 5 years!
Yay, I cant’t wait!

Although it looks like I’ll have to!


I’d imagine that the rate of getting people into the app will increase rapidly as dozens progress further through the testing phases.

Keep in mind that dozens are currently just at the very beginning of public testing :wink:


I know…I’m only kidding!:grinning: