Feedback Regarding Payment/Transaction Notifications

anyone on Android getting notifications yet. i made my first transaction today, was on the app straight away but never got a notification

They started working for me, but only after my first pin transaction.
Have you used the card much?

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I managed to get them working yesterday after logging out of and then back in to the app.

Android notifications work fine - but as @Gaoler said, you may need to ensure you have done your first chip-and-pin transaction with the card to ensure it is marked as ‘activated’ and ‘verified’

Thanks I have completed a chip and pin transaction and contactless, neither gave a notification. Have logged out and back in, will see the next time I do a transaction.

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I have only just started using my Dozen’s card in anger - and am another one not getting any notifications on Android.

Like others, I found that when I was making online transactions or those via my Curve Card I got no notifications.

However, having just used my PIN for the first time and did receive one - even though the app seems to have misidentified the organisation slightly (though the address is right!)

+1 I have never received a push notification in Android (Galaxy S8) for payments or receipts, just for messages although they are enabled. Works fine on other cards (Starling, Curve etc.)

Interestingly when paying using Curve the location data is incorrect in Dozens so they are obviously obfuscating it.