Early testing accounts - joining the feedback group


Also received my code last week, been working away so unable to access my physical card yet, can’t wait to get stuck in later this week though.

@robert can I get in on the group :ok_hand:

PS: Not sure if there’s a forum bug, I’m on latest iteration of android but can’t respond to the thread in general, only to individual comments.


I have this but I click where it says a name (the curved arrow) and change to topic. Thing it’s defaulting to a person.
See below.


Thanks @Simon worked out how I can change it now.


whoop got my invitation code


please could I join the trailblazers too? :slight_smile: @robert


I’ve finally got my code and limited access to the app, impatiently awaiting my card now - can I be added to the group please @robert


thanks so much for joining - i’ve now added you both @Tiger & @Chamz



Can I get an invite too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have just received and activated my card. Please add me to the feedback group. Thank you.


I’ve just activated my card, I have feedback already, so I would do good in the feedback group lol


@robert a bit late to the party, but please add me to the trailblazers group.


@robert Can you add me to the trailblazers group please?


I’m also up and running now. Thank you. Can I be added to the group please?


I activated my card on Saturday, am I able to be added to the group please?


Card Activated!!! :smile:


great to hear! I’ve added you to the group - hope that’s OK?


Hi @robert. can I be added to the group too please?


In and spending. Can I be added please