Early testing accounts - joining the feedback group


That’s fine, I don’t mind which order :wink:


Did you get a cupcake?


Not yet :frowning:


Finally got around to activating my card! (the £10 may have helped remind me :wink:)

Can I get popped in the group?


Can you add me as well thank you


@robert when using the card to ‘spend’ the iphone notification only states
‘card authorisation successful’
(but with a z)
will this be changed in the future to show the transaction amount? better still a daily total?

also the app does not auto close in the background, is there a way to enable face id each time the app is opened??


Hi Rob,

Just been given an early access code, can i be added into the group?




Hi @robert, could you add me to the group when you get a chance please?


Thanks everyone for joining us :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your impressions


So now I appear to be a member of the Private group - thanks! But it looks like Groups are just groups of people - you can’t post in a group and groups have no posts in them? All I can see are the same Topics which I could see before joining the private group. And I can’t create a new topic?


There is a Trailblazers area of the forum that should open up once you’re added to the group over here, under the “Need some help” section


can i be added to the group please robert @robert
have been using the app and card last few days but i’m getting an access denied when i click the above link


Thanks @Albatross - makes much more sense now


@robert could I also be added, I routinely report bugs squash :blush:


I’d like to be added too @Robert please.


Hi @robert got my code yesterday. Can I be added to trailblazers?


Should done this a while back, add me please @robert! Thank youuuu!


Could I get an add to the group aswell please @robert. Have been using the app the last few days so have some initial feedback.


Hi, @robert can I please be added to the group as received my code yesterday :slight_smile: .


Hi @robert can you please add me to the group! Thanks a lot:)