Early testing accounts - joining the feedback group


Got my card yesterday and have been playing about with the app.
Could I be added to the group? Cheers.


Please add me @robert waiting for my card.


Aren’t you already a member?


Oh yeah. Sorry just checked properly :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve just had my invite, @robert. Can I be added to the group? :smiley:


Morning @robert I’ve received my invite code, please could you add me to the group? :clap:


Hi @Robert Thank you for your Trailblazers invitation please add me to your group. Unfortunately, my attempts to login to Dozens are still hitting bugs - yes I know it’s early days. I Downloaded the latest version from Apple app store (iPhone 8+ on iOSv12.1.4) The app allowed me to enter my number and confirmation code (2FA) but when it came to the passcode it told me that a ‘known system error’ was preventing its being accepted - so I cannot proceed to “got an invitation code” etc. The same problem also applies to forgotten/change passcode. I presume when there is a solution to this Dozens will email to advise but I will also monitor the community. Thank you.


Hi if the testers group is still going can I be invited please :slight_smile:


Hi Robert,
Still no response on my application since Friday late evening. Any idea how much more I need to wait ?


Hi @robert woop woop got my code and I’m in, please my I be added to the trailblazers group :+1: many thanks.


:tada: Got my code today too!

@robert let the trailblazing begin.


Hey Rib, got my code!


@robert can you add me to the Trailblazers group please


Hi @robert , could you add me to the Trailblazers group as well as I’m having fun reporting bugs (three reported and I’ve had the card less than 10 minutes :wink:

Reporting bugs, errors or questions

How long does it take to receive the physical card, once you’ve unlocked the app with the invite code? :thinking:


I got my invitation code on Monday the 25th at 21:37 and I used it within a few minutes. I received the card this morning (Thursday 28th) at around 10:45 . Arrived in a black envelope by 1st class post. Personally, I think there was too much packaging etc around it (especially compared to Monzo).


Thanks @richyb I got my code the same day. Hopefully it’ll arrive soon :clap:


Hi @robert - activated my card today - can you please add me to the private group? Thanks, Martin


Hi @robert card activated and used. Would be awesome if you could accidentally put millions in my account or add me to the Trailblazers group. If I can choose… it’s a close one!


let’s try the group access first :wink: