Early testing accounts - joining the feedback group


They’re sending them out pretty rapidly now, I’m sure they’ll be with you soon, especially if you’ve been waiting a while :slight_smile:


Just got my code - please add me to the group.


Hey, I just got my code thanks Rob


Hi @robert, please add me to the group. Received and activated card today! :white_check_mark:


Hi @robert, received my code today. Please add me to the Trailblazers group.


And me please, @robert


My code arrived! Please add me to the group, cheers


Please can I be added to the trailblazers group, thanks!


Me too, please.


And me please. Thank you!


Hey @robert can you add me to the group please?


Where’s my cooooode :sob::sob:haha


Hi Guys
I tried to sign up yesterday Dozens account but despite uploading the documents and funny video, my application didn’t go through and it is now with compliance team.

I wrote to support team and within 10 minutes Harrison from Dozen responded . That was amazing to such a fast response. Of course he couldn’t provide an exact timeline which is understandable as it is weekend and with huge backlogs due to number of people joining.

Based on your experience how much time this manual verification takes ?


It will vary depending on the number of accounts we need to go through (which has spiked with the crowdfunding announcement) and maybe what the issue might have been.

We have a great team working on it, so I hope it won’t take too long :slight_smile:


Thanks Robert. Quick question. Are all the accounts are going through this manual process as someone I know who tried to join yesterday, got the same manual verification message?


Not at all. The vast majority go through immediately, and literally take 3-4 minutes to complete. There are so many things that might trigger it though, so it is hard to know.

For future reference one important tip is to make sure you have decent lighting for capturing the document photo and your video. So many people apparently take these in poorly lit rooms, or are backlit by windows, so the machine reading will not work well.



Can you add me to the group too please! I’m in


Thanks Robert. I think your explanation make sense as I did my sign up excercise yesternight so may be the lighting may have caused this issue.


@robert could I please be added to the trailblazers group? Dozens card arrived a few days ago but only just got around to reading through the accompanying literature!


Got my card yesterday… great stuff! Would appreciated being added to the group.