Early-bird sign ups to the dozens app


Hi @robert could you add me to the testers group please

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Hi @robmc1
I registered for my account and now it says that there are 4,273 people ahead of me (well done guys!)
After registering my interest in Dozens sometime last year, I received an email from you on the 20 Feb, inviting me to download the app (which I did). You also promised that you will reserve a space for me at the front of the queue, but I guess because I only set up the account today, the invitation code must have gone missing.
Any chance you could re-send the invitation code so I can speed up the account opening process?


Hi Andreas

We couldn’t send you a code until you signed up, so now we have you on board we can send it to you.

The codes for today have been sent but I’ll get you one on Monday.

Hope that’s ok, and welcome to dozens!!


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Excellent - thanks!
HAVe a nice weekend

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Will there be a process / procedure for on-boarding the new investors, or can i request for an invitation code here ?


Hey guys, any way to get an invite code?
I’ve just invested, and super keen to try out the app. I’ve signed up!


hi @DarkRabbit @nik and any other new customers arriving thanks to the Seedrs campaign. Really great to have you join us :slight_smile:

There is no specific plan to jump someone to the front of the queue because they are looking at investing I’m afraid. These are two separate processes.

If you are investing in a business that you want to be successful in the long-term I am sure you would also want it to treat all of its customers fairly. There are some people who have been waiting for weeks while we build the business in a managed way, and it would not be right to make them wait further because they are not investors.

However, the good news is that next week we get a large stock of brand new mango cards :dozens_card: and we can increase the volume of invitations that go out each day substantially (as I’ve been promising to do).

I aim to get even the more recent joiners into the app very soon this way, so I am sure you’ll get a chance to try it all out very soon :slight_smile:

The queue won’t disappear completely unfortunately, but the number will be reduced dramatically and we’ll get towards the target of keeping new applicants waiting only around 2 weeks.


Sign up process and login very smooth.

Can’t recall how i did the KYC but was not notable - so must have been quick.

The app went straight through to the number of users before me in the queue which is good for some level of engagement. Some other apps have not provided this courtesy - much appreciated. However, it would be nice to get push notifications to know how quickly the queue is moving and drive engagement perhaps?

I was invited to the early bird user programme with an emailed code. Entering it was fine and straight forward - but no message to say that the account will be live as soon as my card arrives. The reason I point out the confusion is because when I enter the account screen (for example, to begin putting in some cash ahead of account arrival and try out the savings/bonds product) - is that the account number is defaulted to 00000000 until the card arrives then the data populates. Very confusing at this point as to whether a card was indeed on the way or whether I was just playing with a dummy app at that point! Either suspend access to the account page or have a clear message please.

The app is slow when loaded and then I attempt to switch between the tabs on the front screen. It takes a couple of taps to register or perhaps the areas mapped for the tabs are inaccurate.

Loading process is easy and efficient with debit card.

I have topped and withdrawn to bank account a couple of times with no issues at all.

Have activated card with chip+pin purchase which was fine.

Must now try out bigger amounts and also a cash withdrawal via ATM.

My only gripe - what is going on with the bond part of the app???

There is no detail as to what i do to set up a bond. I have cash in the saving portion of the app but cant transfer into and set up a bond - no message - just moves to the bond calculator on any action.

The design is eye-catching but perhaps a bit busy. Its a lot to process! Definitely a departure from Monzo/Starling but way better than Transferwise and some others where its closer to a developer portal and not a useable experience.

Thanks - rant over! :slight_smile:

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What device, OS, and app version are you using? I don’t think I’ve had any issues with the tabs.

Bond issuances are opened up to everyone at the same time. There are currently no issuances available, the March issuance has been delayed to allow for some fixes, T&Cs updates, the crowdfunding round, and to get some more people into the app.

However, I agree that it could be clearer in the app that there are no bond issuances currently available.

I agree that it felt pretty busy to begin with. I found I got used to it after a week or two though and became comfortable with the amount of data being displayed to me.

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My device is an iPhone 6S Plus. Not as nippy as I’d want when switching tabs. OS 12.1.4 - up to date. App version 1.2.7 build 246

One more thing - when tapping into a field, its hard to work out how to relinquish focus on the field to progress. A prime example is on filling in new bank account beneficiaries. Once I’ve populated all the fields, it took my ages of tapping and dragging around the screen to actually find the Continue button. In fact, from memory, this was another issue for the KYC or sign up page - couldn’t easily progress after I entered my address (I think? or possibly another field) without a bit of movement on the screen. I think its because there is no way to exit the keyboard on iOS. A lot of other apps allow you to access the keyboard down button at the bottom right in every field to prevent users from getting stuck… easily fixed im sure.


Fair enough, I don’t have any experience of iOS, so can’t really comment any further on those points, does sound quite bothersome though :smiley:


On an iPhone SE latest iOS and I don’t have any issues with delay

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Tried taking out cash - all fine and seamless.

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Also like the emoticons to rate transactions. I presume you can datamine the heck out of this in future for what people like.


I support that view I have multiple keyboards (different languages) and exiting is just not an option iOS12.1.4


@robert can i get into the trailblazers group pls

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