Dozens Trust Bond - Second Issuance


Yes, there will be an announcement when the bond opens. As @ac mentioned, this is probably still a few days away now, but keep an eye on your emails


Just checking on the second bond issue as the mentioned close date of 25th March is mighty close :smile:
An update would be appreciated


AC gave an update on that yesterday in the trailblazers area of the forum :slight_smile:


Cheers, I missed the update


Money is ready in my account to put in to the bonds, can’t wait.

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What’s everyone’s strategy with their bid? As its the big issuance I suppose this month is a slight outlier!


First rule of dozens bond bidding strategy… Don’t talk about your dozens bond bid strategy…

:joy: :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face:


Second rule of Dozens Bond Biding Strategy…



Third rule of Dozens Bond Biding Strategy : Someone bids “20k”, the issuance is over…


Not strictly true! Smaller bids are prioritised before any bigger bids - if I can continue the Fight Club analogy.

Third Rule of Dozens Bond Bidding Strategy: “if this is your first bond bid, you have to bid (and bid low)”


We’re probably safer to bid a bit higher (if able to) in this one since it’s a pretty mahussive issuance. I think I’ll be stuck to doing a minimum bid again though purely due to my available funds :joy:

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Agreed, I will be putting a sizeable chunk of my available funds in this issuance but then will likely go to the minimum £100 from then on just to bank it!


Given we all thought the first issuance was going to be tightly contested… I’d imagine you could put whatever you want into this one.

Only a handful of people entered last time, despite us all thinking everyone would be entering (I think it was something like 67 people out of 400 ish who actually bid).

Be brave… go big or go home :wink:


You may have to sit tight for a bit.
5 April is a way off yet

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It’s been quite a while and we’re getting towards April now. Any idea roughly when this bonds issuance will go live?

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It’s unfortunate that, despite weeks and weeks of patience, there is not even any light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the “March” bond issue.

This 5% bond was the primary marketing message in the advertising on the London Underground etc. used to recruit customers.

Neither the dozens current or savings account pay any interest whatsoever - i.e. you’re losing money by the day when you take inflation into account - and the organisation has no branches, no web-based portal accessible on computers etc. etc. so, without this bond, I can’t see the advantages of using dozens versus many other bank accounts.

The welcome pack is stunning and the best I’ve ever seen, so hats off to dozens for that.

We shall have to remain patient for the launch of this bond.

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I think the marketing was not timed well.

Really, this is still in early days, so a lot is still to be tried and tested.

I think once monthly bonds are issued and the investment side is up, dozens will be very convincing…


Agreed. The app is great, but there is still progress to be made.

The level of marketing was far too much, too soon.