Dozens in the media


Glad it has all been cleared up now but it does scare me that things like that can be put out into the wild without fact checks - as if someone just read that and didn’t look into it any further would be completely put off by Dozens and what they are trying to achieve.

It begs belief that its called “journalism” when they get so many things wrong


actually doesn’t look like they changed much but guess they are entitled to their opinions .

the debit card stuff is rectified and its clear the bond proceeds are not used for growth but do go into a trust, however still says we aren’t live yet (but that there’s people using the app :man_facepalming:t4:). also not sure why Tide gets a mention.

anyhoo - leaving this for the ‘we shall overcome one day’ bucket. we tried. :tipping_hand_man:t4:


Covered some of the points but not exactly a massive re-write, still makes it sound “dodgy”.

They just don’t really explain anything - they just make a blanket statement and then move onto the next topic.

The Daily Mail strikes again!


I think that’s a given. If they changed too much (even if that would be the right thing to do), they would be admitting journalistic and factual mistakes (which could get them in hot water).

As someone with a minor understanding of journalism, as you have with direct contact with the editor, might be worth suggesting a future article and offering a spec sheet (the framework of it). Would probably need to be industry interest rather than about dozens (though would mention you and dozens), but still could have could promotional impact