Dozens' first Fixed-Interest Bonds issuance is about to mature

Did you take part in the first-ever issuance of the Dozens’ Fixed Interest Bonds?

We first accepted bids in February 2019 for our brand new product. The first issuance was on Friday 1st March (I remember that night!!) and a total of 62 people successfully put money into that particular issuance.

You can see the stats for this issuance here:

Does this include you?

We will be celebrating the return of over £90,000 to customers next week, but we’d love to hear from those who bought, and held, those bonds for a year and maybe include your thoughts in our posts. Or maybe you bought them but had already sold them?

Much has happened in the interim period, and there was also a gap between this first issuance and the second, so it feels like this one is just a bit special.

There was a lot of concern at the time about how these issuances would work, so it will be great to show a full cycle to future customers.

We’d love to hear from you. Did you keep the interest in cash savings, or have you been re-using or re-investing it in the interim? What are your plans for the capital once this is returned to your cash savings?


That’ll be this one?

Put my money in that and each release up to January. Not sure what I’m doing with it yet, might put it towards a trip away, could do with some brighter weather :sun_with_face:


That’s the one! Nice to see so many green numbers together like that :slight_smile:

This means many months of good behaviour, you deserve a sunny treat!


I bought into that issuance, unfortunately I had to sell off all of my bonds in Dozens a little while ago. That process was really straightforward and easy though, and I had the money back in my account almost instantly so that’s great :grin:


Yes, I gather that around £20k of this total issuance was sold at some point over the year. This was also interesting news (and testing) for us. Glad to hear it went smoothly for you.


I took out this bond. It’s been great to have. I just looked at the app, and the bond seems to have gone from there.
When will I see this bond cash back in my account? Is there a date?
Please let me know.

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Hi @Anj - great to hear from you again

The data might have been missing for a short while but the data has updated and you should be able to see it again now.

The cash will be returned to your Cash Savings at maturity, so that is the end of 1st March 2020, so I imagine it should be there when you check on Monday.


Thank you Robert

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If you were one of the customers who held the first issuance for the full 12 months, then you should have received your capital back into your Cash Savings on Sunday along with the final interest payment.


In most cases you were probably expecting this, but a lot can happen in 12 months, so you might have missed the news or forgotten all about your nest egg, so I hope this is a reminder for you to go and check your balance.

As this was a bit of a controversial product when it was brought in 12 months or so ago, it pleases me to be able to finally point to this NEX publication to show that it can be done, and that the money is returned to you after the 12 months are up - as well as already having received the interest over the year.