Dozens abroad?


How will dozens do abroad? Will it be cheaper to use for example then Monzo?



I can’t really comment on what other fintech companies and banks might offer as it will probably change or depend on your individual level of service with them.

However, with regard to dozens, you can use our card abroad and also withdraw cash from ATM. We do not charge an additional fee on cross-border currency conversion on transactions, but remember:

  • if you choose to make the payment in the foreign currency, the Mastercard exchange rates in force from time to time will apply;
  • if you choose to make the payment in GBP, the merchant will apply their own exchange rate and may apply their own fees

… so we encourage you to ensure you choose the best option for you at that time.

If you need to check the applicable rates before committing, you can go to this page at any time (and even test the conversion)


Thanks for the quick and detailed response!