Direct Debits?

Hey guys, just signed up to dozens a couple days ago and still waiting for my card to come through the post. Just curious though (this may sound like a dumb question) but does this card support direct debits? I haven’t seen it being advertised as a feature thus far.

Also does the Current account have CASS functionality that would make it easier to fully switch over to dozens from my main account.

Many thanks

Hi Daniel, and welcome to both Dozens and to this community

That’s not a dumb question at all.

Dozens is still relatively new and we have not yet launched the facility to set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders. These will be available in the near future (still a couple of months probably) as we are in the process of a major upgrade and change to our systems.

We announced last year that we had made a few changes to our architecture, and will be switching to using Visa. We also have some other partners we will be integrating with at the same time, so lots of changes will happen at once that will give you a lot more options, including also Apple / Google Pay, IBAN numbers and more.

Until then we are not part of CASS.

You can open and use your Dozens account in the interim, and if we don’t yet have all the services you need, you can use the other features without needing to move all your financial dealings to this account. We do not charge fees for the account, and there are no “minimum requirements” for balances for example, so you can get to know the app better while we launch the full service.

I trust your :dozens_card: arrives soon :slight_smile:

Hi, Apologies for the late reply. Dozens card just came through the post today (loving the yellow) however I do have another question to do with incoming payments, specifically salary payments.

If I wanted to make this my main card for that purpose would it be possible? Or is that functionality not yet enabled. I’d imagine I could considering the account and sort code numbers on the card but just have to make sure.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes! You can have any payment come into your account.

Please note that until we launch IBAN, this is only for UK payments (you can easily send money abroad using the Dozens app, but you cannot yet receive foreign payments).

You have an account number and sort code so you can either transfer money by bank transfer or you can top up from another debit card.