Direct Debits with your Dozens account

Is there any update on this and cheque pay ins, as it’s now harder than ever to do anything

Hi @Janelle. I’m afraid we still do not have an ETA on this just yet, but thank you for your patience! You’re right, somethings are proving a bit harder due to the current situation.

Is there any other services that you feel have taken a bit of a hit?

Same stuff aswell as saving pots could be very useful rn

  • Janelle.

Thanks for the feedback! What do you like about savings pots? Is it the no- touch feature or perhaps the customisation?

Being able to save up for specific things like it’s a great money management tool if I’m honest like different posts for different things I need to save for some that you can lock down that you can

  • Janelle.

It’s not quite the same, but for the time being you can still put money aside into your Cash Savings where you ‘can’t touch’ it. What I have done is made a wish list :dizzy: in the Grow section of the app as a reminder of what I’m saving up for. Have you had a go setting up a wish list yet?

Not too sure how to do this

  • Janelle.

No worries, all you need to do is pop into the Grow section of the app. Underneath your Cash Savings balance you will see the word Wishlist and a little edit icon :pencil2:. Just give that a tap and explore!

Here’s mine! I have a long term and short term goal, and the calculator lets me know how long it might take to get there.

Hope this helps!