Direct Debits & Credits

Ideally, I’d like the option for standing orders to go on either any day or working days only. That way, it’s easier to string together payments with different banks that handle things differently.

(But I accept it’s probably been built as any day, which is better imo than working day if you have to pick one).

Direct Debits work off the BACS cycle so can only be on WD regardless of the provider.

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Thanks for the suggestions Peter. The feature we’ve built will suit the majority of people’s SO needs, and, in true Lean fashion, we will take your feedback onboard to make improvements going forward.

Rexx, sorry for any confusion, I meant SOs will process seven days a week.


How’s the testing been going?


It’s going well Rexx. I’ve tested the feature and fed back my findings to the engineering team who are now working to fix a few things. Then my wider team will test and try to break it. Not long now…


Great stuff!

So - I have just had my first Direct Debit notification

I believe it’s due to insufficient funds (I get paid tomo and the DDs are due on the first)

It quotes a cumulative figure of Direct Debits due and advises to top up

Is this a new feature? It also makes me wonder - if there is awareness of the DDs due - can these not be shown in the feed?

If you messaged support would these have visibility of them?

@Lawrence @RobD

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Hi Rexx,

It’s been live for a while but you’ll only have received it if you didn’t have enough funds in your account to cover the direct debits. Glad to hear you received the notification.

Displaying upcoming payments has been on our backlog for a while now but hasn’t made it into our top priorities. We’re considering this feature for the new app but we hope to create such a compressive regular payments section that you wouldn’t need it.


How’s it coming along? :slight_smile: @Lawrence

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@Rexx big news coming soon. I’ll be giving an update in the coming days :slight_smile:



…not long to go… :crossed_fingers: :smiley: :crossed_fingers: Standing Orders, ISA/GIA Split and PIN change coming soon

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