Delay in updating balances when moving money from Spend to Grow

Not quite on the same topic, but not sure where to put general app feedback:

When I transfer money between the Spend & Grow sections it doesn’t show it’s moved and I have to completely close the app and reopen/relogin and then the balances are updated.


You can always start a new topic in this same category if you would like to share it, or send to me :slight_smile:

In this case I believe you are right and there is currently a delay in the update of the two balances when you transfer to cash savings. We are looking into this at the moment and I hope it will get fixed as this was not the case before.

I’ve always found this to be like that ever since I first installed the app back in ~September last year. FYI it’s also the same issue when moving money from Grow to Spend.

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Hi Robert,

Maybe something that someone should’ve mentioned a while ago but this has always been the case for me too. Not an issue having to close the app and open it again but no matter how long I stay on the app, I do have to restart it for the transaction to appear or for the money to appear.

But for me, there is no rush in sorting this as there is a loophole for now!

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Same here. Don’t know why I’ve not mentioned it before. It has always been delayed…I just got used to it.

Thanks all for sharing.

That’s interesting. It is not something I was aware of but I will escalate it to be looked at urgently - though I’m not sure on any timelines, but I appreciate you letting us know

Yes, always been delayed here as well - with a noticeable last - though I have never needed to choose the app.

Always meant to mention it but it was a minor inconvenience so thanks for doing so @robin99

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