This seems to be a recurring request from a lot of people on almost every platform that uses categories.

Can we please have the ability to make/use personal custom categories

As an example, I want to budget a set amount for money I spend abroad whilst working each month. For example I know I will spend £500 every month and want to budget it for it. At the moment I can’t. It isn’t with a specific retailer nor does it fit in any pre defined category so although I want to budget for this expense I currently can’t.


Yes, we definitely need custom categories please! (Or at least a category for coffee! :slight_smile:)


Does anyone actually have custom categories?
Emma, maybe?


The problem with categories they are always too limited, that’s why Custom Categories are great.

For example food and drink, 99% of my pub spend in Drink not food, so actually having it under Food and Drink is no relevance to me.

I do a lot of my grocery shopping with Prime Now, that is classed as Amazon so never gets in the right Category for me,

Plenty of other examples of why we need many more categories or the ability to create custom ones.